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LaserSaber may not be a real lightsaber, but it sure looks like one


May 7, 2012

The LaserSaber lightsaber could make your Star Wars fantasies come true

The LaserSaber lightsaber could make your Star Wars fantasies come true

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I doubt there are many Star wars fans out there who haven't, at one time or another, fantasized about owning a lightsaber. These are the weapons favored by Jedi and Sith, resembling a sword but with a blade formed of colored light. To have one at your disposal is the dream of geeks everywhere; a dream that has just edged closer to becoming a reality.

Wicked Lasers LaserSaber is designed to complement the company's Spyder 3 lasers. The S3 lasers are so powerful that the top-of-the-range Krypton model is claimed to have a range of 85 miles (137 km) and with a projected dot shining 8,000 times brighter than the sun it's no wonder these come with safety goggles as standard.

The 32-inch long LaserSaber "blade" is made from thick-walled polycarbonate 1/8 of an inch thick and the hilt is made from anodized T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. The LaserSaber screws directly onto the S3 laser, the two together creating what looks remarkably like a real lightsaber ... if such a thing existed.

The most striking effect of the LaserSaber is the way in which the blade appears to sheath and unsheathe itself. This is made possible by an optical element that distributes the light along the blade working in conjunction with a "magnetic gravity system" - a metal sphere suspended inside the diffuser tube that's magnetically locked into place at the tip until a decent bump dislodges it.

Not A Toy

In a society in which fast food chains can be sued over the heat of their coffee, there's clearly potential here for legal issues.

Wicked Lasers makes it clear that the LaserSaber is not a toy and insists one should only be "operated in a controlled environment by professionals" - although the impressive video below is designed clearly to appeal to more than just stuntmen.

The LaserSaber doesn't seem to have any practical uses, but then I guess that isn't the point. It has been created to look as close to the "real thing" as possible and there's bound to be demand for that reason alone. In terms of using the LaserSaber - if you stand still while wearing protective goggles and looking cool then no harm done, but clearly a duel isn't recommended.

The LaserSaber costs US$99, but needs to be teamed with a Spyder 3 laser (priced between $289.95 and $969.95).

Source: Wicked Lasers via Wired

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When the police and politicians finally realize how insanely dangerous these "weapons" are, they will be illegal, like they should have been in the first place. No one needs to have a laser that can blind someone any more than they need a rocket launcher to take out their enemies house. Yeah, you can stab someone with a knife, so what... you have to be right up on them to do that. With a laser, you can safely blind (or permanently impair) someone from a very very long distance. Ask airline pilots who have been temporarily blinded by some jackwipe pointing these at a plane from his backyard.


On the video it looks amazing! But of course in wrong hands it can be so dangerous... Can't imagine what would happened is someone brought this to school, or something... ;)


It's funny how every time wicked laser gets an article here on gizmag the 1st comments from people is to make them illegal! I would LOVE to have one if I could afford one? I'm pretty sure I could own one with out committing any felonies. LOL!


haha , it even says "blinding radiance" in the advert.

Inappropriate Response

is it troll day or something?

Nitrozzy Seven

These should be illegal! I mean, you have to wear goggles to protect your eyes? The potential for harm is very high! People aren't responsible enough in my opinion.

Darlene Maynard

Forget about what the advertisers say of it being 'dangerous'. It might all be just for pomotional purposes. You should look for the power output, which should be less than 5 mW (Class IIIa). At that power, the blink reflex protects the eye from injury. And of course, you should keep your eyes closed, which could be dangerous by itself if you are driving a vehicle. It surprised me that the article writer Dave Parrack did not include the power output.


you know what should be illegal? dumb people. "i looked into the center of it 'till i went blind." duh. yeah, everything should be illegal, lets make life as sterile as possible, shall we? it could be a weapon? "hey you. hold still long enough so i can point this in your eyes, you feel that discomfort? that's my violent weapon subduing you as we speak!" get real people.


Cachurro, the reason I didn't include the power output is that this is about the LaserSaber rather than the Spyder 3 lasers it works with. The S3 lasers come in a range of outputs from 1W to 750mW. That information is available on the Wicked Lasers website and the old article about the S3 lasers, both of which are linked to in the article.

Dave Parrack

I agree with kar. Dumb People, making Police States forever happy, with endless Nanny laws for YOUR protection.


The spyder III laser uses a 1 watt laser. thats 1000mW. it sells for $299.95 The Saber attachment is another $99.95. the laser will light a match by itself. I still want one.


"In a society in which fast food chains can be sued over the heat of their coffee,"... I really hate when people mention this. It completely ignores the facts of the actual case in order to promote a political idea. Coffee should not be served at a temperature which causes 3rd degree burns and requires 8 days of hospitalization and skin grafts. There are frivolous lawsuits but this should never be held up as an example of such let alone the standard bearer for them.


re; Lazlo

She was a regular customer she knew how hot the coffee was and held the cup between her legs and pried the lid off while driving. IT WAS A FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT! It should have been thrown out.


If I remember correctly, the only reason Micky D's got hammered for the coffee, was because the court had already told them to turn down the heat from some prior complaint. This woman was flat out stupid, and did it to herself, but the court did not take well to being ignored. As to the laser, if it were a true weapon, every home owner would be lining up to buy them for home defense, as a non-lethal deterant like pepper spray but with more range. A laser is a tool, and like any tool has the potential for misuse. It is no more dangerous than a hammer. In fact, I, armed with a three dollar hammer could take out a laser wielding maniac in seconds.


My Light Saber is in the pipe as in ordered and being shipped to compliment my 1000 MW SpyderIII(which I love), I look forward to it,, do bear in mind I would never point it at anything that was not mine, yes it has started fires in my fireplace, anything dark in color burns fast!, popped a tire with it, very nice

Bill Bennett

I think PimplyDykBallz (pardon me, and him) just suggested pilots have been turning around in their seats and pointing lasers at other pilots? Don't give this man a plane. or a laser.


I once made a Light saber look-alike back in the 80s. A friend had a Darth Vader helmet and I used a flashlight with the necessary electronics that connected to a battery pack on his belt. The "laser" was a florescent tube encased in a plexiglass tube with a fine mesh bug-zapper wrapped around it. The flashlight body had a variable potentiometer that would slowly up the voltage to the light which, if manipulated properly, would mimic the light-saber lighting up. The thing hummed and sparks flew if it hit something metal. At the party, some unrelated storm troopers joined my friend and his costume was voted best!


I can see a great arcade use for this. An enclosed room, two opponents with lasersabers with eye protection and a point scorring system. You could act out star wars battle scenes. Nowthat would be wicked

Reece Agland
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