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Lapworks' Laptop Desk Futura

July 17, 2007 The amount of time we spend on computers these days, and the damage that poor posture can cause combine to cause some big problems. Laptops, for example aren't really a lot of fun to operate on your lap top. The fiddly mouse-replacement pads and knobs are a big compromise, they don't sit very steady on your lap, and the heat buildup underneath them can really stew your plums on a long plane flight. What's more, put them on a desk and they don't offer decent ergonomics either. Which is why Lapworks have come up with a range of ergonomic laptop mini-desks to give you full and comfortable use of your computer and mouse on your lap, and neck-and wrist-saving ergonomics when it's on a desk or table.  Read More

GoBook - the quarter-sized rugged laptop

June 21, 2007 Rugged laptops with wireless connectivity are well suited to a lot of professions, from industrial and military to environmental and emergency services. As such, they've been gaining in popularity, with Panasonic's Toughbook, Sahara's Tufftab and even a Hummer laptop muscling into the market. General Dynamics now takes the rugged, go-anywhere laptop one step further, by reducing it to a quarter of the size with its GoBook MR-1, which meets the toughest standards for humidity, temperature, vibration, dust, rain and drop-resistance.  Read More

Panasonic semi-rugged Desktop Replacement Toughbook with embedded 3G wireless

June 5, 2007 In an important product announcement, Panasonic has extended its Toughbook mobile computer range to include a semi-rugged, wireless-ready desktop replacement notebook, the Toughbook 52. Built on the new Santa Rosa chipset from Intel, the Toughbook 52 offers all the processing power of a desktop replacement notebook in a form factor engineered from the ground up for mobility and making sure your window to the world remains in pristine order thanks to embedded 3G access. The 15.4 inch widescreen laptop can withstand drops of up to 2.5 feet on all six sides, has a spill-resistant keyboard, six hours of battery life and a removable hard drive which can handle a drop of three feet. The MIL-SPEC-certified notebook incorporates magnesium alloy cases, flexible internal connectors and shock-mounted hard drives and LCDs.  Read More

SanDisk 64 Gigabyte Solid State Drive for Notebook Pcs

June 5, 2007 Gartner projects global consumption of Solid State Drives in consumer and business notebooks to leap from about 4 million units in 2007 to 32 million units in 2008 – SSDs are a technology whose time has come. SSDs we’ve seen until now have been a bit small to replace hard drives, but SanDisk, the folks who gave us the technology in the first place, appear to be reaching the “sweet spot” of memory storage for laptop computers, with the introduction of a 64-gigabyte (GB)1 SSD aimed at both enterprise users and early adopter consumers such as gamers and gizmagers. The little wonder will deliver 2 million hours mean time between failures (MTBF) – that’s approximately six times more than notebook hard disks. With no moving parts, SSDs are much less likely to fail when dropped, they start working almost immediately, offer 100 times faster data access speeds than a conventional hard disk drive and use roughly half the power, significantly extending battery life. Sold yet?  Read More

PacSafe's DaySafe 100

June 2, 2007 The petty criminal's work is based on minimal risk for maximal reward - snatching an unwatched handbag, slashing a backpack and collecting the spoils as they fall, sizing up which tourist is carrying a laptop or camera they can easily make off with. Simple measures to make life more difficult for thieves can act as an excellent deterrent, and this is where PacSafe has carved its market niche. Starting out with a slashproof metal net to protect backpackers' gear on the road, PacSafe has extended its line to include quick and practical secure carrybags for a range of urban and travel situations. With the latest anti-theft laptop backpack in tow, Gizmag's Loz Blain reports.  Read More

The world’s thinnest notebook - a new trend?

May 25, 2007 Businessweek is reporting on a new laptop from Intel which is less than 0.7 inches thick – that’s just a quarter of an inch thicker than the Motorola Razr mobile phone (pictured alongside it in profile) and as such, easily qualifies as the world’s thinnest mobile phone. The radical laptop weighs just 2.25 pounds, and always-on Internet connectivity via various wireless technologies. Intel hasn't announced an official release date but people familiar with the matter say a PC maker will announce plans to start manufacturing the machine later this year.  Read More

Clip-on converter turns any laptop into a tablet PC

May 15, 2007 Adding a cheap, simple and portable new dimension to your laptop, clever Korean company Navisis is preparing to launch its "Laptop Tablet" unit, which clips onto the side of your laptop's LCD screen and gives you the ability to write directly onto your screen with a stylus.  Read More

First Impressions: Lenovo's new 14 inch T61 and R61 Thinkpads

May 9, 2007 Several days ago Dave Weinstein had the chance to sit down with several members of Lenovo's product marketing team and take a look at two of the company’s new laptops – the new 14" T61 and R61 Thinkpads. Both units are based upon the newest Intel Santa Rosa technology that's being launched today. While we did get to see a sneak peak of some of what's coming up over the next few months, we did promise to focus on the two devices that are being released today. Dave’s first impressions …  Read More

LapWorks Aluminum Desktop Stand for Laptops

April 4, 2007 For all the freedom and productivity offered by laptops, they remain one of the ergonomic disasters of our time, which is why LapWorks’ new Aluminum Desktop Stand is worth a look. It elevates PC and Mac notebook computers when working at a desk to improve screen viewing, improve typing ergonomics, and improve cooling by a claimed 23 percent.  Read More

The first million dollar laptop

March 23, 2007 UK-based bespoke luxury goods creator Luvaglio has created the first million dollar laptop. That’s what the first of their luxury laptops will sell for. Full details of the laptop have not been released at this point, but it is known that it incorporates a 17" widescreen LED lit screen with a specially designed anti-reflective glare coating for clear and brighter image, 128GB of Solid State Disk space and a slot loading Blue-Ray drive. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. Images here.  Read More

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