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The BookEndz Docking Station

July 24, 2008 Is the mStand a little too "form over function" for your taste? The BookEndz Docking Station allows you to plug your PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro into (or out of) everything on your desk with one pull of a lever.  Read More

Toughbook 74

Panasonic’s Toughbook has been given a substantial boost in capability. The desktop replacement CF-52 and field-use CF-74 have been given new Intel Centrino 2 processors, expanded graphics capabilities, 160GB of hard drive space, and 802.11 Draft N Wi-Fi connectivity. The rugged Toughbooks are resistant to shocks, spills, dust, and vibration.  Read More

The slim and sexy Portégé R500-S5007V with a 128GB SSD

In the world of laptops slim is definitely in. Toshiba’s Digital Products Division has announced the addition of a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) to the latest incarnation of its Portégé laptop series. The 2.4 pound Portégé R500-S5007V with a 128GB SSD is billed as the world’s lightest laptop, beating the much hyped Macbook Air, which weighs in at 3 pounds and, unlike the Macbook Air, even manages to include a built-in optical drive into a unit that measures as thin as 0.77-inches. This does mean that the Macbook Air 0.76-inch high Macbook Air retains its world’s thinnest title and it does feature a slightly bigger display – 13.3-inches to the R500’s 12.1-inches.  Read More

UPEK's TCS5 TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor

June 6, 2008 Consumers are increasingly attracted to the security and convenience offered by fingerprint scanners. Not only does it ensure the confidentiality of computer files, it's a silver bullet for the frustrated segment of the market that is running short on favorite sports teams and childhood pets to use as passwords. The latest example of fingerprint reading being brought to the broader consumer market comes UPEK, which has launched the TCS5 TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor, a system that uses High Definition 3 Dimensional amplified sensing technology to read past the surface of skin to the “live layer”. The TCS5 is set to be included on 2009 Notebook PC models and is currently being demonstrated to select PC manufacturers at Computex Taipei.  Read More

The XO-2

May , 2008 The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project looks to be on track to meet its target of producing a laptop for a price per unit below US$100 set out when the initiative was launched in 2005. At a press event OLPC project founder Nicholas Negroponte gave the “State of the State” address on the project to date and the evolution of the XO laptop, presenting the design for the next generation of XO hardware. According to Negroponte, work is already underway on the "XO-2" laptop, which will be cheaper and smaller and will use less power than its predecessor. The XO-2, or XOXO as it's also called, comes with Nintendo DS-like dual-touchscreen displays, which allows one of the touchscreens to be used as a keyboard, which can be customized for different aged children, different applications or different languages.  Read More

1 Beyond GoFlex317 HD

April 22, 2008 Digital video editing and compositing systems provider 1 Beyond has introduced the industry’s first laptop featuring Intel quad-core desktop processors with RAID 5 protection, optimized for HD video and graphics production, as well as two new rugged laptops designed to meet the extreme demands of in-field military personnel, public safety personnel and traveling professionals.  Read More

Close screen to secure The Lapstrap in place

April 15, 2008 Laptop computers are built to be portable, but they aren’t really that easy to carry on their own. Like the Safe-Clik-N-Grip, the Lapstrap is new take on laptop transportation. The design is simple: an adjustable nylon strap with webbing section is placed across the open laptop and closing the laptop secures the strap in place ready to be carried with a neoprene shoulder pad included for comfort.  Read More

HP's Mini-notebook PC

April 9, 2008 Making personal computers more accessible to school students is both a worthy cause and an emerging target market. HP has now entered the arena with the announcement of the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, a full-function, small-format laptop PC priced from under US$500.  Read More

Intels' second-generation classmate PC

April 4, 2008 Intel Corporation has shown the second-generation design of its classmate PC - a low-cost, Internet-oriented, child-sized laptop computing platform designed to take the punishment dished-out in school environments and broaden access for the 95% of children worldwide who are currently deprived of the benefits offered by such technology. Dubbed a "Netbook", the classmate PC blueprint was unveiled this week at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai and is aimed at giving manufacturers the freedom to tailor laptop models for a variety of education needs. Based on an Intel® Celeron® M processor with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and mesh network capabilities, top of the line models will feature a 9-inch LCD screen, extended battery life, 512 MB memory, a 30 GB HDD storage and an integrated webcam.  Read More

Dell Inspiron 1525 gets sub-$1000 Blu-ray

March 31, 2008 In good news for high-def video fans, Dell has announced that its colorful Inspiron 1525 line of laptop computers is now available with optional Blu-ray disc playback starting at USD$879.  Read More

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