LapelEau retractable cord keeps your hydration hose in place


April 13, 2012

LapelEau keeps your hydration tube in place

LapelEau keeps your hydration tube in place

The LapelEau is a rather fancy name for a very simple product. It's a small, low profile retention line for your hydration bladder hose. It keeps the bladder hose accessible but out of the way.

Apparently, the world has some big problems with the hydration pack. As handy as these things are, this is the fourth small tweak that we've seen in the matter of weeks. The JetFlow trades the bladder for a water bottle; the Source UTA has a reverse-fill mechanism; and the Jompy turns the water bladder into a hot water tap. Now, the LapelEau keeps your hose in place.

A simple device that reminds me a little of the "dollar snatcher" I had when I was an obnoxious, little wise guy, the LapelEau is a small, retractable cord unit that attaches to your shoulder strap.

The magnetic reel technology used in the device has actually been used for years in retention systems for everything from employee name tags to bottle openers. Portland, Oregon-based Shower Pass applies it to a simple problem in outdoor recreation and sports. The magnets keep the drink tube clipped into place, preventing it from flopping around and smacking you in the face, but allow you to easily access it when needed. Shower Pass uses the same retention technology on its VelEau bicycle-mounted hydration system.

Hydration packs often come with clips for keeping the drinking tube stable, but for US$12, this isn't a bad solution for anyone that wants something a bit more purposeful and seamless. If you're running or riding a bicycle, the system should reel the tube back into place without pulling much of your attention away from the ground ahead.

Source: Shower Pass via The GearCaster

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$12. Right. I added a $2 retractor to my hydration hose years ago.


Have you seen what theses people want to the uk!!!!!! Greed!!!! Don't bother rip off

Mark Smith

$56 to post a $12 item to the uk! Keep them!!!! I will not be buying one

Mark Smith

If these guys can sell enough of these to stay afloat, I am going to market a specialized ring to hang keys on...

Alan Belardinelli
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