Lancia speedboat boasts 1120hp of exhiliration


August 14, 2009

The Lancia di Lancia ... 1120hp of boating pleasure

The Lancia di Lancia ... 1120hp of boating pleasure

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It’s touted as the biggest and most powerful Lancia ever built, boasting a 1120hp engine, fast, sleek lines, no regard for speed limits and superior Italian breeding through and through. It’s the soon-to-be-released Lancia di Lancia – or Motor Launch – and speedboat enthusiasts are entitled to get excited about it.

Powered by Sacs and designed by Christian Grande, the Lancia di Lancia is able to deliver head-snapping speed in the water thanks to the latest engine from Fiat Powertrain Technologies.

And if you’re worried about safety, the company says the Motor Launch protects you, conceals you and at the same time puts you (and it) on show. A removable top and windscreen helps … unless you value your hair at whatever the top speed 1120hp will generate!

For night-time adventures, the vintage-style headlights incorporate LED technology for a brighter path and the dinner table and sofa can be turned into a double bed at the touch of a button.

The Lancia di Lancia speed boat will be officially unveiled on 4 September at the Lido of Venice.

Lancia via Zercustoms

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