Lamborghini selfishly celebrates 50 years with Egoista concept


May 13, 2013

The Egoista debuts to celebrate Lamborghini's 50th anniversary

The Egoista debuts to celebrate Lamborghini's 50th anniversary

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Controversial – that's about the nicest way we can describe Lamborghini's 50th anniversary efforts on the concept car front. Just two months after showing the Veneno – arguably the most extreme(ly ugly) concept in its history – Lamborghini pushes the boundaries even further. The surprise Egoista concept is even more out there in design.

Making its debut this past weekend during Lamborghini's 50th anniversary celebration, the Egoista looks like the work of a creative (or deranged) design student. But it's actually a sort of birthday "gift" from Lambo's parent company, with Volkswagen Group design chief Walter De Silva leading the team that created the radical concept.

The scene of the weekend debut was "emotional," according to Lamborghini. What specific emotions were involved is left to our imaginations, and shock, disbelief, anger, and maybe a tad of abandonment and rage on the part of onlookers comes to mind.

Lamborghini borrowed from the Gallardo in giving the Egoista a 600-hp version of its 5.2-liter V10 engine. It didn't provide any additional powertrain or performance specifications, treating the Egoista more like a design study.

Even without translating "egoista" from Italian to English (it means "selfish"), the name conveys a certain sense of hubris and self indulgence, as in "whoever drives this assault on the pupils must be dominated by ego." To emphasize that selfishness, the car features a tiny cockpit enveloping a single driver.

De Silva explained the self-indulgent Egoista demographic further: "“This is a car made for one person only, to allow them to have fun and express their personality to the maximum. It is designed purely for hyper-sophisticated people who want only the most extreme and special things in the world. It represents hedonism taken to the extreme, it is a car without compromises, in a word: egoista (selfish)."

The single-person cockpit was inspired by the Apache helicopter, which has an emergency ejection feature. While the Egoista won't project its driver skywards to safety, De Silva's VW design team took pains to clearly delineate the cockpit from the exterior of the vehicle. It includes a single racing seat with four-point harness and a jet-fighter-like head-up display.

"The cockpit, made completely of carbon fiber and aluminum, represents a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements," De Silva said."We kept an eye on the future when designing the Egoista, with the idea that its cockpit could have been taken from a jet aircraft and integrated into a road vehicle, to provide a different travel option."

The glass enclosure slides open electronically, and getting in and out of the driver's seat requires a bit of technique. To get out, the driver must remove the steering wheel and place it on the dashboard, stand up on his seat, sit down on the labeled area of the body and swivel his way to solid ground. He can't stray too far because the body is covered with "do not walk zones" also inspired by aeronautical design.

You wouldn't be alone in thinking that the Egoista crosses the line of good taste in taking Lamborghini's recent angular styling to an extreme level, much like the Veneno concept before it. The cow-spearing, triple-pronged front-end, in particular, is simply not fit to carry the Raging Bull shield on its misshapen beak. It comes off as different for the sake of being different, certainly not attractive.

If you can manage to ignore that messy front-end for a second – a big if – the picture gets slightly, but not much, better as your eye wanders down the flank. Lamborghini says that the sides were designed to emulate a bull lowering its horns and preparing to charge. That sounds great in a press release, and maybe you can see it if you stare at it like an abstract painting, but a less purposeful glimpse will give you a busy series of lines and shapes competing against each other for no particular reason.

The upper profile is a bit more straightforward and honest. The tiny cockpit shoved all the way to the front emphasizes the concept's single-occupant design, and the long, slowly descending roof line puts a focus over the car's engine. When taken within the context of Lamborghini's 50th anniversary, that layout serves as a sort of homage to many decades of mid-engine innovation and design.

In contrast to the Veneno and its huge rear wing, the Egoista was designed without "aerodynamic appendages." Instead, it uses a series of active flaps that automatically open and close based on driving conditions. Its aeronautically inspired "LED clearance lights" were designed to give it three-dimensional definition at night. That light set includes two white front lights, two red rear lights, a red flashing light in the upper part of the tail, two orange bull's eyes as side markers, and a left red and right green on the roof. A pair of xenon headlamps hidden behind the front air intakes casts a beam on the road ahead.

The Egoista's narrow future takes its inherent selfishness even further. It is a gift for Lamborghini from Lamborghini (or for VW from VW, if you'd prefer), and the gift-giver/recipient has no plans of selling the one-of-a-kind car. It will remain a part of Lambo's own collection, no matter how many self-absorbed megalomaniacs one-up each other with crazy bids to buy it.

Source: Lamborghini

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Ugly as sin- which all revolves around selfishness. Appropriately named.

@gearhead Yes, "appalling",indeed.


I don't see how you are writing this so blatantly subjectively without acknowledging it.

I think it looks amazing. I am quite sure many other people will too. You are just making yourself look close-minded.


It's appalling! I love it! This is what Italians do so well- who else but an Italian can wear a white suit with white slip-on shoes & pull it off! If only I were hyper-sophisticated instead of just sophisticated, I would own one in a heartbeat. And I would rock a pair of white leather slip on shoes, too.


All those overlapping plates remind me of an armadillo.

Marcus Carr

The nose and rear sections look like they can comfortably accommodate a VTOL. To go with the look of course.

Would be disappointing to see this thing putting around town just as it is boring to see a fighter jet parking in the hanger after it has landed.


I cannot afford it but it is stunning for a toy! Imagine an electric drive train developed by Tesla Motors in it!!! :)


I think it looks cool, especialy the interior its kinda awesome. I guess different tastes. But i think this is best off as a one off.

At this point when it comes to fast super-cars, they've pretty much done everything design wise and with making cars aerodynamic. Pretty much every new car for the last 5-10 years looks like cars that have come before it, so its hard to come up with something truely unique. They obviously modeled it after like a jet-fighter or as the article says apache helicopter, and i think they did a good job.

I think one of the perks of owning or being one of the executives of a company like this, that's in charge with this sort of thing, is being able to create something that speaks to you without having to make everyone happy about it.


But will Bruce Wayne sue?


I love it! Would you need a jet pilot rating to drive it?

Guy Macher

I love it. The lunacy is back! this is what lambo has always been about. Their cars were always visually striking and fast, but were usually more concerned with turning heads, rather than turning corners. After the germans bought them out, lambos became more reliable, faster, more sensible but also a bit boring. Seeing all these wonderful, zany, wacky concepts looks like a return to the great old head turning Lambos like the Countach, the Miura and the Diablo.

Michael Wilson

It reminds me of Speed Racer's Mach 5.

I think it was intended for the track but turned out to handle like a pregnant sow.

Oddly enough the Apache gunship seats 2 and occasionally carries passengers externally.


I love it. Best thing I have seen on four wheels. Only anti-gravity will allow designers to go further. Obviously for the "bullion-aire" I wonder who among them will be limber enough to climb in and, particularly, out?

Like a good motorcycle, a single-seat racer is the sort of thing that will allow a man the satisfaction and, at higher speeds, the thrill, of translating thought to action at synapse speed.


It seems to me that it sacrifices practicality for looks.


So where can you put the groceries?


Egoista is Spanish in Italian is egoistico.Sorry for the correction but all most all Lamborghini are name in Spanish.

Pedro Ramirez

Just being cynical and bitchy doesn't mean you have incite. This is a 21st century version of the mid 20th century Pontiac Firebird. It too was inspired by the jet fighters of its day and was also completely impractical. Concept cars are made to test many individual design concepts which may or may not show up on future production cars. Like it or not it will either end up in Lambos museum in the garage of some ridiculously wealthy car nut. What's wrong with that?


I don't know about your Lambo but I can't haul manure or carry too many pieces of lumber in mine, if it's practicality we're talking about.

Michael Barreto

Writers are allowed to say whether they think a car looks good or not, but it's really bad form to write their opinion as if it were an agreed upon fact. Taste is subjective.


Kuryus not making sense. Taste is subjective so how do you make opinion into fact? If it's about looks its opinion.

Joe F

This car looks like it should be in outer space flying, not rolling. Nice interior.



Seriously. The Mustang has the Mach1. Speed Racer drives the Mach 5. Which number is this? 2, 3, 4? 6? I'd laugh my butt off if Lambo decided to have the driver, during their press release of the car, dress up like Speed Racer and crew. Big ole' Italian dude with a mustache as pop, with a monkey on his shoulder. That'd be rad.

Whatever. I want one with gadgets and weapons. Then I could race it against Q-Branch's Aston Martin. AND WHAT!

Ken Weaver Jr.

Wait a second... I already OWN THIS HotWheels car! xD

Ken Weaver Jr.

Put a big red M on the front and yellow number 5's inside red 'meatballs' on the sides and it'll be perfect for the remake of the "Speed Racer" movie.

Gregg Eshelman

Looks like it could take on an X-wing

Muhammad Kamran Arain
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