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LaCie Internet Space adds web access to home network storage


November 6, 2008

LaCie Internet Space

LaCie Internet Space

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November 7, 2008 LaCie's latest a network hard disk also acts as a personal web portal so you can access and back-up data remotely - a very handy attribute in all sorts of situations including for example, backing-up holiday snaps while you're still on the road. Available in 500GB or 1TB models, Internet Space can be used to stream photos or videos to a television, acts as an iTunes music server and caters for streaming multimedia files to Xbox 360™ and Sony Playstation® 3.

LaCie again used the services of designer Neil Poulton to create the clean, minimalist finish of the unit which works with UPnP or DLNA certified media players as well as providing web access and shared storage for home computers. There's no need for the local computer to be switched on in order to access files and set-up takes just a few minutes according to LaCie.

DesktopMirror software (PC/Mac) is included for backup and restoration along with a USB 2.0 expansion port for adding an external hard disk and remote access is via a web portal which includes an automatic email invitation system to simplify the process of sharing files with others.

At £179.99 for the 1TB model it looks to be a cost effective and flexible home storage solution.

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