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Nissan V2G takes out 2009 LA Auto Show Design Challenge


December 6, 2009

Nissan V2G takes out 2009 LA Auto Show Design Challenge

Nissan V2G takes out 2009 LA Auto Show Design Challenge

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The Nissan V2G concept was has taken out the Los Angeles Auto Show's 2009 Design Challenge. Entitled "Youthmobile 2030", this year's Challenge asked designers to encapsulate what tech-savvy young Gen Z drivers will be looking to take to the freeway 21 years from now. The result was six fascinating design concepts from the Californian studios of major companies, with the Nissan entry given the nod for its "holistic approach in answering the future's design questions."

The V2G (Vehicle-to-grid) is geared towards a world where the highway system is electrified courtesy of photovoltaic skins covering all major urban structures. The V2G is a low-cost transport solution that gets users on the grid via different access plans similar to mobile phone plans of today. When on the grid, the vehicles can interlock and form traveling "flocks". But the V2G design also gives Gen Z an outlet for self-expression - it can be taken "off-grid" and customized with plug-and-play upgrade kits.

Entries were judged by multi-discipline design professionals who selected the winner based on its originality of creative concept, integration of futuristic design elements and level of adaptation to the needs of the youth consumer in 2030.

"The scope of this year's concepts and designs - from the initial sketches to the final presentations - were very impressive," said Chuck Pelly, director of Design Los Angeles and partner in The Design Academy, Inc. "In the end, it came down to which team had the most inventive and solution-oriented design. Nissan's designers showed passion and were able to create the ultimate Youthmobile for 2030 with their V2G design."

Via Design Challenge.

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That a 3 wheeler is chosen as top dog is scary.

Any fine suspension engineer will point out that it is inherently dangerous.

Choosing dangerous is bum design no matter what.

Island Architect

Remember the Fisher Body Craftman\'s Guild? Some really great designs came out of that youth oriented program from GM. It would be nice if some manufacturer started a similar program. It had a number of benefits - encourage creativity, woodworking, learning new skills like forming/molding plexiglass, responsibility - meeting a deadline; and it gave prizes for college education. My brother and I each won most of our college tuition. It was also a source for GM to find creative designers - which seems to be missing today. They offered a free 4 year ride to GMI. We both headed into architecture instead, but I imagine they used to get a number of their designers from that program.

Paul Barbour

Island Architect, if you take a closer look at the back, there are two tires. They are both angled and I am assuming that the angle allows more tire patch to be on the road during a fast turn.


I don\'t know if the front of this vehicle could clear speed bumps. The sides would have to be a minimum of 3\" from the ground. The front and back of the front tire coves might have to be tapered up slightly.

There is also a problem of safety because in any collision, the stress would be placed on the front tire supports which might be bent or snapped. The car might also rotate forward using the two front pods as a pivot which means that a major part of the impact would end up on the top and not the front of the vehicle.

Adrian Akau

If you can engineer a safe design while looking as much like the above photo as possible, It could rival other trike and up a new segment for buyers to consider.

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