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Kusa flip flops put a grassy meadow underfoot anywhere you roam


July 23, 2012

Kusa flip flops support your feet with synthetic turf

Kusa flip flops support your feet with synthetic turf

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The legions of minimalist shoes on today's market strip away materials with reckless abandon to give you a barefoot-like experience. Kusa flip flops, on the other hand, actually add material to bring your feet a little closer to the earth below. The material in question is synthetic turf, which Kusa slides under each foot, providing a soft, natural feel that makes each step feel like walking across a freshly mowed lawn.

Besides just feeling all natural, Kusa claims that the turf conforms to the contours of your feet, providing the comforts of a custom-tailored sandal. The company admits that the synthetic turf will feel tight at first, but after wiggling your foot a bit, it should mold around your natural shape and fit like a glove. After a while, the turf may flatten out and need to be "fluffed," which we assume is a little like fluffing up a pillow. Their odd look should also spark a few conversations on the street.

The synthetic turf kind of dictates the look of the overall flip flop, but Kusa does offer several styles in terms of sole and strap colors. The flip flops retail for US$29.95.

Source: Kusa Shoes

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"Excuse me sir. Your feet smell like fertilizer, and your footwear needs a manicure."

If you walk around the house, do you leave a trail of dirt? ... or is this a hydroponic shoe? Will chlorine or salt water kill my turf shoe?

I have a hard enough time keeping track and maintaining my tennis shoes, cross-trainers, cycling shoes, climbing shoes, hiking boots, surf socks, kayak booties, beach sandals, pool flip flops, sailing top-siders, bare foot runners, trail runners, dress shoes, dressy-casual loafers, snow boots, snowboarding boots, ski boots, and dive fins. Now you're telling me I've gotta water (but not too much) my shoes ever other day, make sure it gets just enough sun, trim it weekly, and have to hire a gardener or landscape specialist when I'm away on vacation? Ok I'll take a pair, and while you're at it, does it come in blue-grass?


Or one might do what is most healthful to ones feet, go barefooted!! Afterall it was designed to last a lifetime when used as directed. But people have been covering them up creating illness, making them smell, dank, lightless.

Next they let them get soft losing their natural protection and then squish them into tilted pointed toe shoes and wonder why they have foot problems.

So whenever you can, let those puppies free!!

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