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Konftel 300 high-tech conference phone


November 27, 2007

Konftel 300 conference phone

Konftel 300 conference phone

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November 28, 2007 Setting itself the lofty goal of producing the "world’s best conference phone", Konfitel has announced the Konftel 300 - a device that features multiple connectivity options, recording to SD memory card, the ability to store up to 20 groups for easy replication of conference calls and a 360 degree microphone optimized for large meeting rooms that automatically filters out background noise.

The Konftel 300 can be connected to cell phones, wireless phones and to computers via a USB port as well as analog lines with a line selector included to simplify the process of switching between different sources and combining connection methods. Wireless headset connection is also catered and the system can be connected to an existing PA system or have expansion microphones added that double the reception area. There's also options to improve conferencing for persons with hearing impairments.

"Conference guide" functionality enables the storage of individual numbers and up to 20 groups so that recurring phone meetings are easily duplicated and the ability to record to SD memory cards means that recorded sound files can be easily transferred to a computer for archiving or transmitting via email.

Incorporating a 360 degree microphone and three speakers, the Konftel 300 includes an updated version of the company's OmniSound® technology which filters out background noise and provides a frequency range of up to 7 kHz depending on the connection. OmniSound® 2.0 also has an equalizer so that sound can be adjusted to three different pitches: soft, neutral, and hard.

The Konftel 300 will be available in Europe on November 26 and North America on December 17.

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