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Kodak flexible OLED display gets its feet wet


August 30, 2009

Some Playmobil people enjoy the underwater flexible OLED display

Some Playmobil people enjoy the underwater flexible OLED display

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Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (FOLED) technology has opened the door to a range of new lighting and display applications, such as roll-up displays and displays embedded in fabrics or clothing. Unfortunately OLED displays are notoriously moisture sensitive, so underwater applications haven’t really been an option – until now. Kodak has dunked their latest FOLED displays under water to provide a virtual aquarium for a group of assembled Playmobil people.

Fittingly, Kodak used the underwater FOLED to display the image of a fish, but it believes use of the new technology will go well beyond such cutesy applications. Even before Kodak demonstrated the underwater functionality, FOLED displays were already earmarked for a broad range of lighting and display applications. Kodak’s demonstration has only increased the potential of the new technology even further.

Kodak hasn’t revealed how they managed the under water feat, and you’d have to question just how mature the folks in the Kodak lab are given that they seem to spend at least some part of their days playing with Playmobil people, but you can’t argue with results.

Source: PluggedIn via OLED Display

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