March 10, 2008 Kingston has doubled its the capacity of what was previously its largest SDHC offering by announcing a 16GB SDHC Flash memory card with minimum transfer rates of 4MB per second.

The new US$231, 16GB card joins 4 and 8GB SDHC versions which are available in a faster speed rating (Class 6 or 6Mb/sec guaranteed minimum data transfer rate).

Kingston's SDHC cards use the FAT 32 file format and are specified with an operating temperature of -13° F to 185° F (-25° C to 85° C) and a storage temperature of -40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C).

Panasonic is expected to release a 32GB, Class 6 SDHC card in April this year (but expect to pay premium at around US$700).