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Kinetic's Rock and Roll trainer gives cyclists some wiggle room


September 20, 2013

Kinetic's Rock and Roll cycle trainer, spotted by Gizmag at Interbike 2013

Kinetic's Rock and Roll cycle trainer, spotted by Gizmag at Interbike 2013

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Ordinarily when you prop a bicycle onto a trainer, you're in for an experience akin to riding an exercise bike. But with its new Rock and Roll trainer, Kinetic is aiming to give riders a more authentic experience when riding, with its frame that allows the bicycle to sway as the rider trains.

According to Kinetic, authenticity isn't the only advantage of the patented frame design. The company claims that the device will train cyclists' core muscles in a way static trainers would not.

"By forcing the rider to maintain form on the bike, the Rock and Roll forces riders to stabilize themselves by using their core muscles," the company writes on its website. "A stable core will help eliminate unnecessary upper-body movement, so that energy is used efficiently, and is key to riding a bike well."

The company also claims that, by allowing a more natural riding experience, the frame and bicycle are put under less stress.

The latest version, 2.0, is compatible with bicycle wheels 22 to 29 inches in size. The frame is compatible with Kinetic's inRide watt meter, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The price is US$579.

Source: Kinetic

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This looks to be a more compact version of their original Rock and Roll, a design which wouldn't suit a cramped garage like mine. I have their best un-rocking version and it's damn good (and one day I'll save up for the bigger flywheel)

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