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Kia announces forthcoming electric version of the Soul


October 3, 2013

Kia's existing Soul (pictured) will be joined by a fully-electric model next year

Kia's existing Soul (pictured) will be joined by a fully-electric model next year

Although Kia already offers an electric car to consumers in Korea, those of us living in North America have so far been unable to buy a Kia EV. That's set to change, however, as the automaker has just announced that an electric version of the Soul will be released in the US next year.

The announcement was just made this week, and so far no pictures have been released, nor have any specs. The vehicle will look slightly different than the regular Soul, however, as the company states "Kia's first EV in the US will combine the Soul's funky and iconic design with new styling cues aimed at improving aerodynamics and distinguishing it from non-EV Souls."

Images and technical details will reportedly be released "at an upcoming major US auto show" closer to the official release date.

Kia has previously displayed a one-off Soul Hybrid concept.

Source: Kia via autoblog

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