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Kia teases GT4 Stinger ahead of NAIAS 2014


January 2, 2014

Kia teases the GT4 Stinger

Kia teases the GT4 Stinger

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Not known as the sportiest marque in the industry, Kia has been using auto-show concepts to experiment with more playful designs. We saw it last year with the Niro and Provo concepts, and the automaker is starting 2014 off with the GT4 Stinger. As that name implies, the 2+2 concept shows a little more aggression than the average Optima.

Kia has revealed but two photos of the GT4 Stinger, which is a product of its Irvine, CA studio. The latest photo showcases a low front-end dominated by a big, bold version of Kia's signature bottle-opener grille. That grille is flanked by LED bars that give it a look reminiscent of the Audi R8's slatted air intakes. The image also reveals a set of bulging front fenders.

This earlier teaser photo snapped from above shows that the GT4 is a hatchback design with a wraparound glasshouse. Its rear fenders are every bit as muscular as the fronts.

The GT4 Stinger concept is driven by a 315-hp 2.0-liter turbo hooked to the rear wheels. Other equipment that Kia has detailed includes 20-inch custom wheels and a carbon fiber front splitter.

Kia is saving the rest of the details for the North American International Auto Show, which opens to the press on January 13. Gizmag will be in Detroit to bring you the latest news from around the auto industry.

Source: Kia

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Wow! Beautiful and Clean!! Simple and direct!

Name the designer and give him credit!

Egg tooth or not the grill opening is bright and happy.

Compare that to the Stingray that looks fagged out.


Lewis Dickens

Rear wheel 2.0 looks like a contender for scion and Subaru ft68


Seems KIA has 400 million dollar lawsuit that has been settled about stretching the gas milage on there cars, in one case only 7 mpg off. Source: Top Class Actions & Lawsuits Newsletter December 31, 2013 Hyundai, Kia Reach $400 Million Class Action Settlement Over MPG Claims.


The lines are all sweet spotted stem to stern on an muscle toned design that's very easy on the eyes even in this color scheme. Kia spent some money on this and it shows. I'm so glad that they allowed their SoCal Design Team do this without pulling any punches. The Dash is extraordinary as is the the sleek lines on the hood and everything is functional, from venting brakes through headlights as well as side vents for rear brakes and Cold air intake in the hood. Why hasn't anyone thought of doing that before?

BTW... pay no attention to the Troll above.... POOL PUMPREPAIR guy is only bent on proving one thing. That he's a HATER!!!

Every car company on the planet has now had some kind of Government Dragnet trying to pull them down. Errr... is that competitors and their fans like in this case. Because Toyota, BMW, Nissan, etc have all had their day in court as well. And in all reality I've never gotten the millage per gallon claimed on the sticker on any of the more than 20 cars I've owned. Everyone knows it really relates to far too many factors, that can't even be gotten out of every gallon of gas, weather conditions, terrain, elevation, stop n go or not, traffic, high octane or low, conditioned or old gas that won't even ignite with a match. Puts them out instead.

Quite thinking you're being a hero, when you post FUD on stories like this that don't relate in any way....... FUD POOL PUMPREAPAIR Guy!

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