The Keylet combines the two most important things we carry – keys and money


September 5, 2012

The KeyLet is a key and a wallet in one device

The KeyLet is a key and a wallet in one device

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We live in a world where less is more. The less we have to carry around with us, the better. The KeyLet is a new product designed with that philosophy in mind. It takes the two most common things everyone carries around with them, keys and a wallet, and combines them into one ultra small package. For the person who hates carrying any extra weight in their pockets, this product could be right up their alley.

The KeyLet offers a key that folds away when you are not using it, and comes out a full 90 degrees when you need it. It also has a clip for keeping your cash and credit cards on hand. It is designed to be about half the thickness of the average wallet. The idea is to have it sit as flat in your pocket as possible and not be bulky.

The shell of the device is made of stainless steel which the creators claim “delivers exceptional strength to withstand the pounding of daily use.” Stainless steel is lightweight, very scratch resistant, and seems well suited to a device that will be going in and out of pockets multiple times a day. It also provides a stylish, brushed look.

The core of the device is made from lightweight aluminum. It would defeat the purpose of the device if it was too heavy, and aluminum seems like the logical solution.

A major problem the creators met during the development process was how to handle people who need more keys. For this, they came up with the Key Caddy. It features the same foldout design as the KeyLet, but it is designed to carry only keys. This means that people who use multiple keys in their daily life can still carry around two compact devices instead of a loose ring of keys.

The KeyLet starts at US$55 without the Key Caddy. If you want both, it will set you back $85. Funding for its Kickstarter project runs until September 16, so if you want one, you will need to get on there soon. If the funding goal is met, the KeyLet and Key Caddy should be delivered to backers in October of this year.

Have a look at the Kickstarter video below for more information.

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How does one fit a transponder key into the holder?


Looking at my keyring, this would help me very little. I have only 4 flat keys. In addition, I have two car keys that won't fit, a remote fob for one of my cars, two USB thumb drives, an RSA fob, window breaker fob, and a mini Leatherman knife.


um - who doesn't carry around their phone already? This is a seriously nutty invention. The steel will scratch your phone to death, and the money will drop off.

They should have made it into a smarphone case - something that holds all the junk we need (including the phone), while protecting it's screen etc as well.

And, @TJG, you know you can get credit-card-sized (skinny) USB drives, yeah? You can also turn your phone into a remote fob for cars, install RSA 2FA as an app, and smash windows with it (if it's an iPhone with the steel edges). You're going to have to give up on the leatherman though...


Pass, won't work for me

Bill Bennett

Nice idea but I have to say the Keyport does it better. It also has space for transponders. Just saying good for a kickstarter project but i feel like they took an already good product and made a crappy version of it.

Dan Skender

@christopher, awsome! I'm in!


Christopher's got it right - opensource-inventions strikes again

Nicholas Searle

Very little to no benefits. I can fit one key in the Keylet? And how do I fit my car keys in it? Or if your car keys fit like they show in the video, you would be driving around with the Keylet and money just hanging off of your steering column? Yes, the wallet can be thicker, but it also holds a lot more stuff than a couple bills and 2 credit cards. Would have been a better idea to devleop a wallet with some sort of zip pouch inside taliored specifically for holding keys.

Sambath Pech
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