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Kepler Motion: 800 horses, 0-60mph in under 2.5 seconds and drooling good looks


December 16, 2009

The Kepler Motion super ... 0-60mph in under 2.5sec

The Kepler Motion super ... 0-60mph in under 2.5sec

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You would expect big things from a company founded by the only living person to hold world speed records over 200mph on land and water, and the Kepler Motors Motion certainly looks the goods. Russ Wicks' company has used the Dubai International Motor Show to unveil the 800hp supercar of which only 50 will be built. A 550hp, modified Ford EcoBoost twin-turbo 3.5L V6 drives the rear wheels independently of a 250hp electric motor driving the front wheels. Add them together and you get an AWD system which launches the Motion to 60mph under 2.5 seconds with a top speed more than 200mph. Impressive specifications and drooling good looks, we think it’s a nice combination.

"We're delighted to host the worldwide debut of the Kepler Motors Motion at the Dubai International Motor Show," said Wicks. "The region has a passion for ultra high performance, limited edition supercars, and presents the ideal platform to showcase the advanced technology and innovative features of the Motion."

He says the two-seater car has been developed from the ground up by a team of hand-picked design engineers, aerodynamicists, product development, and manufacturing specialists. It boasts a number of F1 technologies such as active suspension, active aerodynamics, launch control and a programmable track assistant system.

The Motion makes use of a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and body that makes it light and strong while increasing its impact-resistance. The supercar uses StopTech's new Continuous Carbon Ceramic (C3) AeroRotors on all four wheels for fade-free stopping power. The C3 brake rotor comprises silicon carbide ceramic material reinforced with long, continuous carbon fibers to provide greater mechanical durability and unique heat transfer capabilities when compared to competitive carbon-ceramic rotors.

Only 50 proud drivers will form the original exclusive hand-built Motion-owners club as deliveries start in 2011. If you have to ask “how much?” you probably can’t afford one.


and green cars are supposed to be slow ???,,,,,,,,,,,,,,methinks this type of car will proliferate in the next few years


This is hardly a green car. 550hp? What sort of mileage does it get? Is anything made from recycled goods? Is any part of this car recyclable?

Since our laws limit our top speeds, what is the point of a car going at these speeds? With gridlock, what is the point of a car going from 0-60 in any record time?

Pure hubris.

The engineering is fantastic. But to what end?

Farokh Monajem

While congratulation is due for Russ Wicks for achievement in performance and the sexy look, Russ should ask himself really serious questions on for a playtoy for the rich like this one. How many people, especially the rich spoiled brats, can really control a car going from a standstill to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds? How much pollution does Russ\'s machine put out for our children to breath in later on. Come on Russ, with all your talents and past achievements that certainly have contributed advancement to automotive engineering, come up with a hybrid green car to help us save this planet. Come up with a super car for us so we can drive and cruise in comfort at 65 mph that runs with solar cell and lasts ten years with no maintenance other than tire changes. That is green achievement worththy of your talents and fame.

A. Ted Vorachard

Of course it\'s hubris... that\'s what powerful and wealthy folks like to do: show it off. They earned it, and what they buy contributes to the economy through the companies from which they purchase things. It gives employment to factory workers, suppliers, etc.Who cares what they drive?

I\'m not worried about a handful of 550HP supercars that get driven once or twice a month, than I am of a 100,000,000 Chinese and Indian economy cars getting driven everyday... that\'s where we\'ll see the global impact on the environment and oil consumption.


I love this car! THAT is how a hybrid should be made, and the technology will filter down to ever day cars like air bags and anti-lock brakes did from the upper end cars from years ago, you know at some point some much more affordable sport cars with this tech will be made because of this, as for why make a car that can go so fast.....WHO CARES! I have a motorcycle that can go 170 mph but I almost never go more than 90 and most of the time well under that! I just like the fact that it could! It\'s just bragging rights is all.:-)


speed limits are to be broken a good friend of mine used to say,,,,,,,, and why not with a piece of kit like this awesome roadrocket,,,,,,,,,,,, a pipedream for the vast majority of us but for the lucky few,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Drooling good looks? It looks like a kit car from the 80s.

EJacob Cornelius

shut the f *** up with the grn car .. this is hardly a grn car.. u whimp .. fast is good.. slow is dumb.. keep ur whimpy comments to yourself

Facebook User

I luv the new technology in the entire aspect of designing the car. but come to think of it, don\'t we think the speed is way too much for our present day-to-day lives? I know i\'m a speed freak, but seriously... this one freaks me entirely out. is it a DEATH RACE they intend to race with it. Gush!.

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