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Kapture wristband records your quotable quotes 24/7


September 4, 2013

Kapture is designed to be worn at all times

Kapture is designed to be worn at all times

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Have you ever delivered a great line, been involved in a memorable conversation, or heard something you'd like to preserve for posterity? If so, then Kapture may be the device you've been waiting for.

Kapture is a wristband that is constantly recording audio on a 60-second loop, with an accompanying app allowing you to save, edit, and share the recorded file. Recording devices are obviously far from a new phenomenon, but Kapture offers a simple way of constantly capturing conversation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The device consists of an omnidirectional microphone covered by a plastic grille held on your wrist by way of a silicone strap. There are no buttons or touchscreens and integration between the hardware and the accompanying smartphone app is provided by a Bluetooth connection.

Kapture comes with a smartphone app that is used to edit, save, and share the captured aud...

An accelerometer registers a tap on the Kapture device, which is all that's required to send the last 60 seconds of audio to your smartphone for safe-keeping. The app (available for iOS and Android) then allows you to name, tag, and edit the clip before giving you the option to share it with friends.

The internal battery is designed to last for 24 hours before needing to be recharged, which then takes around an hour. Assuming this is done while you're asleep it should mean there is no break in recording your every move.

There is a rather obvious privacy concern with Kapture to bear in mind before ordering. While it's perfectly fine to record things you yourself have said, recording what other people are saying could lead to problems. Especially if you don't warn them in advance.

Kapture is currently at the prototype stage, with the Kickstarter campaign designed to bri...

The team behind Kapture is seeking to raise US$150,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. Pledge levels include $75 for a black and white Kapture device, with the price rising to $125 for other colors such as hot orange and seafoam. A 14k gold grill limited edition is available for $299. If all goes well with the campaign, the creators of Kapture hope to ship the first units in March 2014.

The video below shows the inventors discussing the product before demonstrating some of the ways in which it could be used.

Source: Kickstarter

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slightly morbid: perhaps it could monitor your heart beat to catch your last moments. Albert Einstein's last words are lost because the nurse didn't speak German.

Alan Ross
7th September, 2013 @ 06:44 am PDT
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