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Kanguru e-Flash drive with eSATA and USB connectivity


November 24, 2008

The Kanguru e-Flash drive.

The Kanguru e-Flash drive.

November 25, 2008 The new Kanguru e-Flash drive features both USB and eSATA connectivity, which gives it the dual advantages of widespread connectivity through the USB2.0 standard as well as allowing it to achieve speeds never before obtainable with standard USB drives thanks to an eSATA connection. Using eSATA's 3Gbit/sec throughput, the drive potentially offers five times the throughput of USB 2.0’s 480Mbit/sec and the eSATA connection is powered so no additional power source is required.

Dave Bresnick, senior product manager of the Kanguru e-Flash drive, said the drive would realistically offer read speeds of 75MB/sec compared to USB 2.0's 30MB/sec. and write speeds of 25MB/sec., up from USB's 20MB /sec. It comes with an eSATA + Power bracket and an eSATA + Power cable for easy hookup to the computer and is also preloaded with Hotswap! software to allow for easy and safe eSATA connection and ejection. The drive has a high-strength aluminum housing that can be personalized with custom engraving and is available in 16GB or 32GB capacities with a 64GB unit planned for January 2009.

The 16GB Kanguru e-Flash drive is available for USD$84.95, while the 32GB unit retails for USD$119.95.

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For that $ it should be USB 3.0.

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