The Kaleidoloop takes a lo-fi approach to collecting sounds


November 8, 2012

The Kaleidoloop by Critter and Guitari is a lo-fi sound collector

The Kaleidoloop by Critter and Guitari is a lo-fi sound collector

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The Kaleidoloop is a digital audio recorder which is about as far removed from devices like the high-tech compact Olympus LS-100 as it's possible to get – it's an unashamedly lo-fi sound collector, housed in a large aluminum and wood enclosure.

Using the built-in microphone or 1/4-inch input jack, one can record sounds from any number of sources in 16-bit/22050 Hz onto a removable 256 MB SD Card. The Kaleidoloop is then able to build up layers of audio, which may be interwoven into a veritable tapestry of sound – all monitored via an integrated 3-watt speaker, or output jack. Power is provided by either four AA batteries or a 9-volt DC power supply.

The Kaleidoloop has on-board controls for facilitating navigation of recorded media, in addition to altering speed, direction, and volume. Judging from the video below, the unit looks like it could be just the gadget for making weird slowed-down psychedelic sounds.

Made by by Critter and Guitari, it is offered in both blue and yellow versions at a price of US$299. Check out the rather mind-warping promo video below to see the Kaleidoloop in action.

Source: Critter and Guitari via DudeIWantThat

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I can't see the point. 300 bucks for that bulky and mediocre sound recorder? Those functions you can do with any smartphone or tablet using some apps...

Iván Imhof

The best part comes when trying to locate another 256MB SD card. Those haven't been manufactured since 2001! Also, to address the "point", I believe that the point is to reduce your account by $300.00

Michael Barreto
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