Joby UltraPlate puts an end to camera strap/tripod indecisiveness


May 27, 2013

The Joby UltraPlate can be used with a both a tripod plate and a shoulder strap at the same time

The Joby UltraPlate can be used with a both a tripod plate and a shoulder strap at the same time

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The Joby UltraPlate is a new universal quick-release plate which enables photographers to attach both a tripod and a shoulder strap to their camera. What makes this plate stand out from the rest of the field is that both accessories can be connected simultaneously, meaning no more unnecessary fiddling when moving between tripod and hand-holding a camera.

When photographers only used neck straps to carry their cameras, the accessory hole at the bottom tended only to be used for a tripod plate. But, with the rising popularity of shoulder straps (which often attach via a screwed-in loop) that hole is more in demand than ever. While options like the Fusion Plate, which has a flip-out accessory loop, make switching easier, it still involves removing the strap before mounting on a tripod.

Enter the Joby UltraPlate, a machined-aluminum camera plate from the maker of Gorillapods. The UltraPlate can be used on Arca-Swiss compatible tripods, but its main trick is that it can do so while leaving space for a shoulder strap attachment loop (or another accessory) to be connected at the same time.

Because there are two 0.25-inch (0.64-mm) holes on the bottom of the UltraPlate, you could also attach another type of quick-release plate, such as a Manfrotto RC2, alongside the shoulder-strap loop. In addition, there's a hand or wrist strap attachment space, and because the plate features an extra-long mounting screw slot, it shouldn't end up blocking the battery door.

Measuring 2.8 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches (7.2 x 4.3 x 1.25 cm) and weighing 1.65 oz (47 g), the Joby UltraPlate is available online for US$20.

The quick video below shows the Joby UltraPlate in action.

Source: Joby

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