Counter Surveillance Camera detects binoculars, cameras and rifle scopes pointing at you and even people staring


March 21, 2010

The sniper is without doubt the most fearsome of opponents – capable of taking your life from great distance. Current anti-sniper counter measures depend on the sight or sound of the initial shot, and by that time, it may be too late. Now a new device which uses the same "red-eye" effect of flash cameras and projects it hundreds of meters, can identify binoculars, sniper scopes, cameras and even human eyeballs that are staring at you. It is hence the first machine that can offer 24/7 warning that you are being watched or targeted, BEFORE a shot is fired.

The CS300K™ Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera is the brainchild of high tech surveillance equipment manufacturer JETprotect, and will be a welcome addition to the armory of those who currently spend a lot of money on trained guards watching CCTV monitors.

"The technology is the integration of a unique wavelength GigE Vision IP camera and a numerically controlled Class IIIb laser illuminator for dusk to dawn operation", said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. "When combined with the company's automatic surveillance detection software, surDET™, the system becomes a 24/7 guard against snoopers and automatically annunciates and archives the event.

“The combined CS300K™ and surDET™ software alerts the target BEFORE that first shot by detecting if someone is watching with field glasses or rifle scope", he said.

The CS300K™ comes with an articulated pointing mount, an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Software Developers Kit (SDK) for third party security product integrators.

Chuck Scifers, Director of Business Development said that the company's initial market for the CS300K™ will be military and security companies that are charged with protecting high-value assets, such as diplomats or other individuals that could come under threat of a hostile action. "We feel that this new product can be a valuable addition to the protective security offerings of these companies for their clients", he said.

JETprotect is an R&D; / manufacturing company that provides high-tech, harsh environment hardware and analytic software for surveillance and intelligence products for government agencies, corporate security and private safety. was founded in March 2008 and is located in Santa Clara, California.

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Ahhh... nothing like another piece of machinery to dull the attentiveness of targets and their keepers. Well... once your make a countermeasure that is :)

Craig Jennings

I could see from this article how it would be possible to do anti-piracy in theaters.

Joe's Cat

Against a real trained sniper this piece of equipment is useless, the sniper will already know they have countermeasures installed and will use open/peep sights to eliminate alerts. Once the shot is delivered there is no use in alerting from sound, because you are already dead by then. It will dull down soldiers, lower their alertness exactly what is not needed by todays soldiers.

I do see hollywood drooling over this technology though. Or paparazzi hunters.

Jabelom alerts you to the fact that your going to die? Hmm...nice.

BTW, I bet this thing doesn\'t pick up eyes from over 2.3KM away...they\'d be the size of a pixel at that distance...


Surely using one of these things will attract a lot of stares... couldn\'t that be confusing? I wonder if they thought of that. By the time you\'ve discounted any bemused or inquisitive bystanders I guess the \'real\' sniper will have pulled the trigger... Doh!


it is awesome because it is true if need of tight security and safety from burglars and other mis-happenings it is robust device to secure residential and official places.

Facebook User
Oh noes!! We can\'t have people watching us while we\'re watching them!! That should (and probably will be) against the law!! semajretrac
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