Chrysler to showcase Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper and seven other custom vehicles


October 17, 2012

Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper

Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper

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Chrysler Group will be bringing two dozen customized vehicles to this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The show doesn't get underway until the end of the month, but Chrysler has provided a sneak preview of eight of its models. The Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper and Dodge Charger Juiced are among the vehicles that get "Moparized."

Unlike most auto shows, which have a focus on production models, the SEMA Show celebrates custom and aftermarket vehicles, kits and products. Mopar is Chrysler's own aftermarket parts manufacturer, so it has sprung into action for this year's show, outfitting 24 different Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram and SRT models.

Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper

Not many vehicles make the stock Wrangler look like child's play, but the Wrangler Sand Trooper certainly does. The upgraded Wrangler sits on tractor-sized 42-inch Super Swamper Bogger tires that are sure to power over everything in their way. Front and rear portal axles lift the Jeep an additional five inches, ensuring the utmost of clearance, and a skid plate is there on the off chance that an obstacle is big enough to scrape the underside. A 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 conversion kit puts out 375-hp and 410 lb-ft (556 Nm). Exterior equipment includes off-road lights, a winch, rock rails and a vented hood. The Sand Trooper is painted up in Dune-in-Matte paint with black accents throughout.

Inside, the Sand Trooper enjoys upgrades like a rear-view camera, CB radio system, slush mats and a locking trail side winch kit. Storage is upgraded with an Add-a-Trunk kit, under-floor storage box, and locking under-seat and center-console bins.

"Moparized" SRT Viper

The all-new 2013 Viper gets even fancier with a host of Mopar upgrades. Under the hood, a carbon fiber, Viper-branded X-Brace replaces the factory X. A carbon fiber aerodynamics package improves the Viper's ride, as does a set of Mopar coil springs.

The car's yellow and black look is reversed on the interior where a black theme is accented by yellow components. Sabelt hard-shell seats with leather trim and six-point safety harnesses give the car a track-ready feel, and a camera mount provides an easy means for filming track-day exploits. Aluminum and chrome around the pedals, shift knob and HVAC controls polish off the interior.

Dodge Charger Juiced

The Charger may not be as hot as the SRT Viper, but it's every bit as powerful in "Juiced" tune. Mopar gives the Charger the "soul of a hot rod by taking a fast car and inserting an even more powerful engine." That engine is the 650-hp Viper V-10. Mopar's cold air intake and cat-back exhaust help the driver get every last horse out of the crate engine. A lowering kit brings the car closer to the asphalt, increasing its agility.

Mopar continues the hot rod feel of the custom car with a prototype hood with front-facing intake and matte black graphics, decklid graphics, and striped 20-inch matte black wheels. The car is painted in custom "Metallic Copperhead," a color scheme that continues inside, where it adorns the seat logos and stitching, offsetting the black leather and aluminum.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Half & Half

More conceptual than the others, the Jeep Grand Cherokee provides a seamless "before and after snapshot." A zipper graphic straight down the middle delineates the factory 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from the Moparized side, showing exactly what some aftermarket attention can do for a Jeep.

The Mopar side includes 20-inch chrome wheels and chrome accents on the grille, tube steps, mirror caps, hood air deflector and fog lamp bezels. Other upgrades include a trailer hitch with wiring harness, front tow hooks, a bright license plate frame, roof rack cross bows and a luggage carrier. The split personality continues inside, where the driver's side gets logo door sill guards, bright pedals, Katzkin Tuscany leather, and a cargo tray and net.

Chrysler 300 Luxury

Chrysler's flagship gets extra luxurious thanks to quilted Katzkin leather seats, premium logo carpet mats, and illuminated door sill guards. The exterior is brushed in True Blue Pearl Coat and seated on 20-inch satin carbon wheels with Mopar logo center caps. The Mopar 3:91 rear axle and performance handling coilover kit smooth out the road, keeping the commute comfortable.

Fiat 500 Beach Cruiser

The Fiat 500 Beach Cruiser begs you to skip work and head for the shoreline. A teak woodwork slat roof rack is designed to emulate the boardwalk while providing a place for the matching custom surfboard. The widened body is covered in a matte-finish grey and accented with satin brush finish on certain elements. The aluminum Mopar wheels get a splash of red paint. Performance is boosted by Mopar exhaust, cold air intake and strut tower brace.

The Beach Cruiser's interior is a continuation of exterior styling. It has wooden floor slats, satin brushed bezels and grey seats with red-and-white "beach towel" inserts. A hula girl statue on the dash completes the surf-inspired look.

Dodge Dart Carbon Fire

One of Chrysler Group's newest cars gets upgraded with a carbon fiber hood, rear spoiler, new grille and gloss black 19-inch prototype wheels. The exterior is painted in charcoal grey and accented by satin and gloss black. Tinting on the windows and lamps add to the smoky look, while a set of daytime running lamps is borrowed from the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

Urban Ram

The Ram 1500 may yell sprawling farm or deep-forest log site, but Mopar gives it an urban twist (or at least name). Mopar increases the performance of the 392-hp HEMI engine with its headers, cold-air intake and performance dual exhaust with chrome tips. Keeping the rest of the truck's performance in line, Mopar also adds a performance handling kit, SRT brakes and a sport performance body kit. A striped Modern Blue paint job, 22-inch hyperblack R/T wheels, and a bed with a fiberglass cover, lighting kit and rug complete the package.

The SEMA Show runs from October 30 to November 2. Many other auto brands and customizers will be in attendance, showing all types of wild rides. We'll have more as the show draws nearer.

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Big fan of muscle, but most of these are just a rim and tire swap or over stuffing the engine compartment.

How about a little ingenuity?! Is that too much to ask? I'd like to see a Ram stuffed with a high performance version of the 4.2L V-6 diesel? Great power and I can probably get close to 20 mpg.

For that matter, why not stomp on Buick. Take the 3.9l V-6 and supercharge it, then stuff that in a Charger. Makes more sense than that V-10 with gas at $4 a gallon. Check a clue Mopar!


The Diesel Liberty sold out and was back ordered WITH NO ADVERTISING OR SHOW TOURING!

It was pulled- why?

If EPA regulations are the excuse, get the Bluetec Cummins out in the 4-cylinder model, the 4BT Series.

That's what buyers want- ask your so-called experts how many cars or suv's(=Stupid Useless Vehicles) or running around NOW with 24" inch rims compared to 5 years ago.

Why don't you get the Cummins 4-cylinder EPA-legal and get that in the light trucks?

Why are small diesel trucks available all over the world and dominate those markets(as they obviously would here) yet are unavailable in the US?

Why are there no Diesel-Electric Hybrids on the market in the US?

Why don't you actually help US out and make Natural Gas-converted "diesels" more available and do something to help U.S. instead of parading such useless garbage THAT MOST OF US CAN'T BUY EVEN IF WE WANT TO... AND WE DON'T WANT TO ANYWAY!


I own,drive and live in a Cummins dually diesel and my last 3 vehicles were Jeep/Dodge BUT I am building up an older Dodge to be my next vehicle because of these reasons.

I will not pay these prices to get something that isn't even what I want or need.

Other customers you will lose to other manufacturers who will more effectively meet the market.


This just goes to show the Yanks have absolutely no idea what cars are and where they are heading. Style - minus 10, economy minus 20 Perhaps they really should travel and see what proper car companies that make money are doing. Just look at VW better cars better style miles better fuel consumption. Time you yanks starting paying world prices for fuel, that would wake you up. Big disappointment this.


I`ll have the Sand Trouper & a few thousand shares in BP thanks . Oh ! & a Challenger with the Juiced tune would be nice .

Binna Burra Mick

Cool! A Charger with a V10? NICE now do that with the Challenger and I'd be all over that? Also why not get a SRT version of the Ram 1500 with a V10 again? It was good the 1st time around why not again? Oh and make it run on propane! :-)

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