Hyper introduces new line of iUSBport storage options for Wi-Fi devices


January 8, 2013

Hyper announced a trio of new iUSBport devices

Hyper announced a trio of new iUSBport devices

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The iPhone and iPad have always lacked USB ports. As iOS apps rarely require you to deal directly with files, this isn't usually a big problem. When you do need to manage files, Dropbox, iCloud, and email are ready and waiting. But for some tasks – like streaming movies – external storage can come in handy. Enter Hyper's iUSBport: an accessory that fills in the gaps left by Apple's minimalism.

Plug and play

iUSBport streams USB content to any Wi-Fi enabled device – not just iPhones and iPads – over a local network. Plug in your favorite USB drive, join its Wi-Fi network, open the free app, and stream your own 1080p movie (or anything else your heart desires).

iUSBport2 is the second iteration of the device (the first iUSBport was originally called CloudFTP) and adds a second USB port, microSDXC slot, backlit LCD, and 3,300 mAh battery. Hyper says that it streams data 50 percent faster than the original.

We are family

Hyper also gave iUSBport2 a couple of siblings. iUSBport HD is the largest model, rocking a 2.5-inch hard drive (up to 2 TB), USB 3.0, 5,200 mAh battery, and all the perks of the iUSBport2.

iUSBport mini is, naturally, the compact version. Built like a flash drive, you can connect it to an actual flash drive, or – if connected to external power – a USB hard drive.

Pricing, availability

iUSBport2 will retail for US$150, iUSBport HD will be $160, and iUSBport mini will ring up for $70. All three models will launch in Q1 2013.

If you're grabbing one of the new devices for your iPhone or iPad, you can head to the App Store to download the accompanying free app, while an Android app is on the way.

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Putting i in front of everything PLEASE. STAHP.


Fantastic device. Do you think that I'm be able to connect my "Magic Jack" device to my iPad to make calls like I'm doing with my Laptop.

I been waiting for long time for some company to develop that type of device. Until now it was impossible to connect anything to my iPad

Peter Bland

Plus with a simple SD to USB adapter you can now add big amount of Memory at very low cost, instead of buying a phone or other device with an additional 16 or more Gig's of built-in memory.

This will change the way phones and other mobile devices are marketed, no more 32 and 64 gig versions for HUGE additional bucks over the "base" price.

Expect to see these used in vehicles, as their owners move between hand held to vehicle to where ever...


Or........ get an Android. :-)


Seagate Goflex already can do this, I have one. The thing is, battery issue is annoying, it should last as long as your phone. Also Goflex Satellite require you to convert any video format to MP4 which is also annoy for a Non-ipad files or user!!

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