iTikes toys give your children yet another reason to swipe your iPhone and iPad


July 8, 2012

The iTikes toys include a keyboard, map, microscope, and an art canvas

The iTikes toys include a keyboard, map, microscope, and an art canvas

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Any parent knows that irrespective of what engaging and exciting toys you buy for your children, they will always be more interested in your mobile phone or tablet computer. It's an inescapable fact of modern day parenting. With this in mind, toy firm Little Tikes has revealed a range of iPhone-friendly toys which can connect with your iOS devices.

The iTikes toys include a keyboard, map, microscope and an art canvas, all of which can be used as stand-alone toys. But it's when you add an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running a free iTikes app, that the fun really begins and the toys gain additional (and considerably more high-tech) functionality.

For example, without an iOS device the iTikes Keyboard is a typical child's keyboard which can be used to make noise, play along to built-in songs and record musical masterpieces. With an iOS device (an iPad, iPhone 3 or newer, or an iPod Touch 4) learning games teach little musicians to read notes, hear pitch, sight read music or watch visualizations.

iTikes Microscope is a real working microscope with 3 focus adjustments 100x, 200x and 300x which comes with 12 slides each, containing 3 real specimens. Children can also learn more about the plants, bugs or animals they are looking at via the microscope’s built-in learning system. But with an iTikes app-toting iPad, iPhone 3 or newer, or an iPod Touch 4, they can also watch animations, hear more facts and play with interactive 3D images of what they are looking at through the microscope.

Likewise, on its own the iTikes Canvas is a classic magnetic doodler, but with an iPad (any version) it gains coloring pages, interactive games and the ability to "stamp" shapes onto your little ones works of art at the touch of an oversized button. Artworks can then be saved and shared online.

The iTikes Map includes 6 maps with information about subjects from dinosaurs and world facts to the solar system, and when without an Apple device these facts are accessed using a smart pen. But when an iPhone 3 or newer, or an iPod Touch 4 is held over the augmented reality enabled maps, illustrations, animations and interactive 3D images can be accessed.

The iTikes range is set to go on sale in time for your children to pester you for one for Christmas. The map will cost £60 (around US$93), the microscope is £75 ($116), the art canvas comes in at £40 ($62) and the keyboard £50 ($77). Each toy also comes with a matching white and lime green plastic case to give your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a bit of added protection.

Source: iTikes

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How about inventing a kids toy that DOESN'T take an $800 Ipad that the kid is likely to use as a hammer as some point?


So you what you really get here is an overpriced drawing pad you can buy at the box store for 2 dollars that doesn't do anything without paying out hundreds of dollars for an ipad to turn it into something that we can already do on a laptop or notepad in the first place? Wow - good luck with this one - I'll keep shopping....

Ramona Hitson

My iPad was only $380. You don't have to get the biggest fanciest newest iPad, and you don't have to buy one brand new either. Apple sells refurbished iPads. I think the toys are neat. I would consider getting the keyboard toy, not sure I'd buy the others, they are a little pricey, but they look fun at least.

Jaime Bower

I agree that the kids are only interested in there parents mobile or iPhone and this kind of the toys surely a good replacement for it. Green Toys

Zoya Jackson

This kind of toys proves helpful to explore and enhance creativity and knowledge of children.

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