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ITG-Vidix Goggles put the entertainment 'in your face'


April 8, 2010

ITG-Vidix Goggles combine a 50' virtual screen with a MicroSD slot and USB connectivity.

ITG-Vidix Goggles combine a 50' virtual screen with a MicroSD slot and USB connectivity.

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ITG-Vidix Goggles offer the viewer a virtual 50ā€ screen at approximately 6.5ft away with 320x240 resolution in 24bit color and weigh in at around 3.5oz. Offering a point of difference from other video glasses, the ITG-Vidix Goggles not only offer a 2GB built in Flash memory but feature a MicroSD slot capable of supporting up to 32GB of extra storage per memory card.

The glasses feature plug and play file transfer via USB 2.0 which not only acts as a memory card reader when connected, but also serves to charge the unit for up to three hours of use. Most popular formats are supported, and a built in media player and browser enables the user to view files including eBooks, photos and music.

Much like the Vuzix Wrap9203D glasses, the ITG-Vidix Goggles feature a composite AV input and can be used as a display device with a host of multimedia devices ranging from DVD players and iPods to camcorders and gaming devices.

Aesthetically, like other video glasses that have come before it, the wearer wouldnā€™t be flying under many radars. But when you have a personal entertainment unit strapped to your head, who cares, right?

ITG-Vidix Goggles are available for US$279.99 from the iTVGoggles website.


Guuuaaaooo.......... is very interesting, Tv glasses today...... Tomorow What......?

Sorry, my english is poor

9th April, 2010 @ 07:40 am PDT

Ack! 320x240 resolution. Blech. Who would want to watch that blown up to a 50" screen? Nobody I know of.

9th April, 2010 @ 05:50 pm PDT
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