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iRoom iDock is the world’s first motorized, in-wall iPad dock


September 21, 2011

The iRoom iDock sits flush with the wall to mount an iPad in the wall

The iRoom iDock sits flush with the wall to mount an iPad in the wall

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We've seen iPad docks that mount an iPad on a wall, on a car dashboard and on a fridge, but the iRoom iDock is the first we've come across that mounts an iPad in the wall. Featuring a motorized docking system that automatically opens and closes thanks to a proximity sensor, the iRoom iDock is flush-mounted to the wall, which means you'll need the services of an electrician to connect the unit to your home's electrical system.

The motorized dock can be triggered by a proximity sensor that detects when you're nearby so it automatically opens up ready for iPad insertion or removal. The door will close automatically after ten seconds and if you don't like the idea of the unit constantly opening and closing as you pass the proximity sensor can be disabled. Once your iPad is snugly inside, the iDock will charge its battery, while integrated composite audio inputs allow it to be hooked up to a sound system and the iPad used as an audio source. In the event of a power failure, the iDock will automatically open so the iPad isn't trapped inside.

The iRoom iDock comes in landscape and portrait models and, in addition to the standard black, white and brushed aluminum options, the color of the bezel can be customized to match your décor. The portrait iDock is compatible with iPad 1 and, with the use of a tailored insert, iPad 2, while the landscape iDock is designed for iPad 2 but will accommodate an iPad 1 through the use of guide rails.

iRoom doesn't list a recommended retail price for the iDock on its website, nor does the North American distributor Bracketron. But we found the unit selling in the U.K for GBP714 (approx. US$1,116), which doesn't include the cost of installation. Probably a bit on the steep side if you're just looking to charge your iPad, but possibly not beyond the realms of possibility if the iPad is acting as the control interface for a home control system - possibly.

This video shows the dock's mechanism in action:

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For over a $1000, I can do without the motor to dock an Ipad. Sillyness.


Very clever but it misses a build in amplifier and speakers. If I had an IPAD and if I would get this thing I would want it to be installed in a place where I would want to view it while in the dock.

Typically this means the install height would be near face height. This means that I may want to tilt if forward even if I am not near the unit so I can view a movie while lying down while selecting music while standing.

Quality build in speakers would make this a very attractive idea. Possibly making use of the air cavity on your typical drywall construction.

Paul van Dinther
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