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iQi Mobile offers stealthy wireless charging for iPhone


December 12, 2013

iQi Mobile is designed to let you take advantage of wireless charging using standard soft cases

iQi Mobile is designed to let you take advantage of wireless charging using standard soft cases

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While wireless charging capability is built into the latest Nexus handsets, iPhone users looking to unplug are faced with the prospect of shelling out for a wireless-ready (and often bulky) case like the Powermat series. The iQi Mobile looks to slim down the equation with a wireless power solution that works with most iPhone soft cases.

As the name suggests, the iQi Mobile uses the Qi (pronounced “i-chee”) standard and is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S & iPod Touch (5G). It consists of a 0.5 mm thick, credit-card like receiver unit and a flexible plug for the phone's Lightning connector that allows it to be squeezed behind a standard soft case. From there it enables charging at a rate faster than USB 2.0 with any Qi compatible charging pad, including the Koolpuck charger which is being bundled with the iQi Mobile offering.

Funds are being raised to bring the iQi Mobile to market via Indiegogo where the campaign has almost quadrupled its US$30,000 goal with 18 days still left to run.

The company says early backers of the campaign will receive their iQi Mobile perks before Christmas. A full retail launch is slated for 2014 with the iQi Mobile receiver to be priced at $35 and the receiver/Koolpuck charger bundle to cost $85.

The video pitch for the iQi Mobile is below.

Source: Indiegogo


kinda cute, but will it fit under a lifeproof case? Really wish someone would create a waterproof induction charging case. wouldn't have to have ANY usable external ports, that's what bluetooth and wifi are for.

Bryan Paschke

This is not the wireless charging I expect. You still need a device for charging. Only instead of manually inserting the cable every time, you can now put it on a charger, wow, what a breaktrough.....not

Victoria Bakker

Pretty cool; I saw this video where someone used it to charge their phone underwater

Pat Johnson


Yep, I'm with you 100% there: "we don't want no stinkin' ports!!!" :)

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