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iPhone case meets Swiss Army knife with the ReadyCase


October 1, 2012

The ReadyCase is an iPhone case that is designed to be a jack of all trades

The ReadyCase is an iPhone case that is designed to be a jack of all trades

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The ReadyCase is an iPhone case that is designed to be a jack of all trades. Protecting your device is something any case on the market can do, and some of them can do it for pennies. The ReadyCase is designed to be something more. It is an iPhone case that features a multi-purpose tool, thumb drive, headphone clip, stand, and lens ring.

Let's start with the tool included on the back of the case. It has a standard and serrated blade for those times when you need to do some cutting. The end of the knife is flat, so you can use it as a flat head screwdriver. The designers also cut out the middle portion of the blade, making it easy to use as a bottle opener.

Besides tools for handymen, they also included some features for the less industrious. First, there is the USB drive that comes attached to the case – in this way, it's similar to the Hybrid Series USB Case. You can purchase the case with 8GB or 16GB of memory.

This same USB stick can be used as a stand. There are five slots in the case where you can place the stick and keep your device propped up in landscape or portrait mode. There are three slots in landscape and two in portrait, so you can tweak the angle to your liking.

For photographers, they included a lens ring which allows you to screw all kinds of lenses to your device. If you back the package with the lenses included, you will receive a fisheye, macro and wide-angle lens that fit on the ring.

The last gadget included with this case is a headphone clip. You wrap the cord around the device and place the end in this clip, which keeps the headphones locked in place.

In spite of all this stuff, the case is still impressively thin. In fact, it is actually less than three millimeters, so it won't add much bulk to your iPhone.

The ReadyCase is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. The designers have already doubled their US$15,000 goal, but you can still back the project and receive a case for 23 more days. You can pick up an 8GB for $40, a 16GB for $50 and a 16GB with the lenses for $60.

The video below provides more information directly from the device's creators.

Source: Indiegogo

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Love the idea... Remember not to take it on the air-plane with that blade though ;-)

Francois Retief

I'm pretty sure this was just stolen from the show 'New Girl.' Real apps, anyone?

Nathan Tong

Just watched the video. Its a shame the case does not include a spell checker. How do you spell receive........... wrong ..

Roland Sparling
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