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Authorities alerted to iPhone card-counting application


February 19, 2009

iPhone app creates card counting device

iPhone app creates card counting device

February 20, 2009 Looks like crafty iPhone app developers have come up with another handy use for the iPhone. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that California gaming authorities are warning their Nevada neighbors to be on the lookout for gamblers using blackjack card-counting programs such as Card Counter or A Blackjack Card Counter that run on either the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The California Bureau of Gambling Control was alerted to the programs by operators of a Northern California Indian casino who discovered customers using their iPhones to improve their chances of winning. While those with a head for figures can legally use their natural acuity in Nevada casinos (although you’re likely to be shown the door), it is a felony to use a device to aid in the counting of cards, so anyone using card counting programs can be detained by casino operators and arrested by state gaming agents. Making life difficult for casino security A Blackjack Card Counter, which uses four different card counting strategies, also has a “stealth mode” using vibration to signal the user that it would be a good time to place a large bet.

Anyone who would rather gamble with casino security instead of a blackjack dealer can download the card counting programs from the iTunes Store.

Darren Quick

Via ArsTechnica

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This is a very good advertising campaign for iTunes, they will make fortunes from those who have seen "21" the movie, they dream to reach that level but have no "patience" to learn a counting sistem. It will be funny to see how many customers will be allowed with mobiles, iPhone, Omnia, HTC and any touch screen one, on the table, during the game! I can bet that none! And I will win, without counting! I've seen counting devices hidden in car remote control, in shoes, palm devices, any huge impact on the industry income? Nope! Why is that? Some would, and should, think twice before buying it in order to use it in a casino. Good for fun, and very good to show off the versatility of an iPhone! Well done for those involved in the project!

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