iPhone 3G King’s Button – the world’s most expensive phone


March 2, 2009

Shield your eyes from the dazzling iPhone 3G King’s Button

Shield your eyes from the dazzling iPhone 3G King’s Button

March 3, 2009 World Financial Crisis? What World Financial Crisis? Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson is probably hoping there are still some fairly well-off people unaffected by the world's current financial ills as he has designed the world’s most expensive phone - the iPhone 3G King’s Button. Yours for a measly USD$2.5 million and change.

The budget unfriendly phone is made of solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold with the white gold line encrusted with a total of 138 brilliant cut diamonds. The iPhone 3G King’s Button replaces the iPhone’s standard plastic home button with a rare 6.6 carat diamond ensuring the unit outshines Aloisson’s previous efforts such as the USD$1.3 million Crypto Smartphone to make it the world’s most expensive mobile phone.

While the iPhone 3G King’s Button is sure to impress others in the unemployment line, with rumors of and an updated iPhone being released this year gaining momentum, anyone on a budget might be wise to wait and see if the iPhone 3G King’s Button makes its way onto eBay.

The Apple iPhone 3G ‘Kings Button’ is available for EUR€1,636,000 (approx. USD$2,517,345 at time of publication).

Darren Quick

Via All Techno Blog.

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The word 'tacky' could have been coined just for this.

Dan Halford
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