New accessory turns your iPad into a mini foosball table


November 22, 2012

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As many bar game aficionados are aware, little compares to a good foosball match, and while owning a table of your own has typically required sacrificing a sizable portion of your house, Classic Match Foosball by New Potato Technology promises to bring the iconic game to the iPad's smaller form, complete with physical controls.

New Potato Technology is the company previously responsible for Pinball Magic, and like that device, Classic Match Foosball is a full physical accessory which cradles the iPad. The unit contains real controls to lend that all-important tactile feedback, with eight 2-axis control rods which are accompanied by score counter sliders.

Classic Match Foosball is powered by the iPad's on-board batteries and sports four folding removable legs for easier storage. The unit can also act as a charging dock, and comes with a complimentary iOS app, which offers a 3D instant replay of every goal to recap your glory.

The foosball table is compatible with all full-size iPads except the most recent model, presumably due to Apple's introduction of the Lightning port. However, the device in question must be running iOS 5 or later. The company states that the game supports up to four players, though in reality, one imagines that two players would be a much better fit for the iPad's 10-inch form.

Classic Match Foosball is will set you back US$99.99.

Source: New Potato Technology via Gizmodo UK

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