Slides 2 PC offers small footprint solution for digital photo conversion


September 21, 2008

Ion Slides 2 PC

Ion Slides 2 PC

September 22, 2008 Ion Audio has graced our pages before with products that take outmoded formats like vinyl records and convert them into digital format. The company has is now expanding this functionality to photography with the announcement of device that will breathe new life into your old 35mm slides and film negatives - the SLIDES 2 PC.

The SLIDES 2 PC offers fast, one-touch scanning using a single USB 2.0 connection and eliminates the need for a dusty old projector to view your happy snaps.

The high-resolution (2592 x 1680 scanner), five-mega pixel scanner incorporates a high-quality four-glass optic element to ensure the color and detail of each slide.

Available from October this year, the Ion SLIDES 2 PC is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

SLIDES 2 PC in brief:

  • Transfer 35mm negatives and slides to your computer
  • High-resolution 5MP, 2592 x 1680 scanner
  • Fast, one-touch scanning takes just one to two seconds
  • Single-cable, high-speed USB 2.0 computer connection
  • Portable design with ultra-small footprint
  • Includes easy image-transfer and editing software
  • High-quality f=6.0, four-glass optic element
  • Fixed-focus range, automatic exposure and color balance
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Even with five MP, I would think there would be quality lost from slides, whose resolution is far better. Having to put each slide into that frame is time consuming too (I own one similar to this). Make me a copier that one can simply dump the slides into would be far better, if the auto focus works perfectly. The auto exposure feature I suspect will be a problem too. Mine (from Brookstone) is all auto, like this one, but gives unacceptable results for most of the slides I have done. Being able to view the digital conversion before saving it would be ideal. The Ion is probably much better tho.

Robert Fox
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