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ION Audio's entry-level digital DJ controller: the Discover DJ


September 5, 2009

Discover DJ

Discover DJ

The democratization of music is something Gizmag has been watching for some time. Just this year, we've seen software that teaches you to play guitar, drums and the piano (and you can check our music category for much more). Today at IFA 2009, we came across ION Audio's Discover DJ controller, a USD$99 product which turns any PC or Mac into a digital DJ setup.

The Discover DJ connects to a computer with USB, is bus-powered, and requires no drivers - although you will need to install the bundled DJ software, MixVibes CROSS LE to get started.

Users can browse their music library, and manipulate two digital decks and a digital mixer, all from the Discover DJ - without ever touching a mouse or keyboard.

Unlike a vast majority of entry-level digital DJ setups, which often use an iPod or iPhone as a sound source, the Discover DJ has pitch control - meaning you can get two different tunes playing in time (known as beatmatching or beatmixing) and blend them together to create a musically coherent and unique performance.

The only caveat we can see is the two-band equalizer, which lacks the standard mid-range equalizer of professional DJ equipment. Having said that, the Discover DJ represents a viable platform for budding DJs to cut their teeth on without spending big bucks on professional gear like CD turntables and analog mixers.

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