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In pictures: Hidden gems from Interbike 2013


September 24, 2013

The busy trade show floor at Interbike 2013

The busy trade show floor at Interbike 2013

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If you've visited Gizmag at all within the past several days, then you're likely aware that we attended the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas last week. While we've already posted a number of articles on products that we saw there, we came across many more interesting items that we still haven't told you about. We've compiled a gallery of those various doo-dads here, for your gawking pleasure.

North America's largest bike show, Interbike 2013 featured over 750 companies representing at least 1,200 brands. While there were plenty of the latest flashy products from the Shimanos and Bianchis of the world on display, we were particularly interested in finding the really intriguing items ... even if they came from tiny companies, and were sometimes perhaps a little odd.

To see what we found, just pay a visit to the photo gallery (and don't forget to check out the gadgets featured in the earlier full articles, too).

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