A high-tech replacement for a hanging carcass – the Interactiv’ Boxing punching bag


May 25, 2010

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Remember that montage from Rocky IV where Drago’s high-tech training is contrasted with Rocky’s decidedly more low-tech approach? Well, we can’t help thinking that if the Interactiv’ Boxing punching bag was available in the mid 80’s that Drago would have been pounding away on it. This 21st century take on the punching bag features built-in sensors and LEDs that direct you where to land your fists of fury.

The bag comes with 10 different programs ranging from cardio-training to interval training. For each chosen program, LEDs located on the bag light-up telling you where and when to hit. There are even some speed and Simon-style memory-based games to play with friends and family. An electronic counter keeps track of hits and awards points, which are displayed on the bag’s small LCD display. And to ensure you’re not constantly pulling your kit on and off, the programs can be selected while wearing gloves.

The Interactiv’ Boxing is powered by four AA batteries, which should last around 10 months based on using the bag for three hours a week. According to the Google Translation of the product page the bag consists of a steel structure with dense foam and silicone damping on the shock sensors. Mounting brackets are sold separately – one of which is wall mountable and height adjustable to suit different users, or to practice those below the belt shots.

The Interactiv’ Boxing is the brainchild of industrial designer, Damien Urvoy, and sells for 149 euro, (approx US$183) while the mounting racks retail for 79 Euro (US$97). There is also a selection of gloves available that look a little less bulky and more comfortable than regular boxing gloves. They range in price from 11 to 25 Euro (US$16 to $37).

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I like the concept of this gizmo, able to quantify your performance in a fun and even competitive way. Full marks...I would certainly consider buying one of these at this price point. My only real concern would be how durable it is with all that punching going on?

Terry Penrose
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