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The Inflatable Sleeping Coat - a bed you wear


February 23, 2010

The Inflatable Sleeping Coat will keep you dry and warm during the day and provide you with a sleeping bag and mattress at night

The Inflatable Sleeping Coat will keep you dry and warm during the day and provide you with a sleeping bag and mattress at night

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We know how much you love spending time in the great outdoors but it can get tiring (and a little annoying) when you have to lug all your sleeping and camping gear with you. What if you could carry all your sleeping gear in one handy package? That's the thinking behind the Inflatable Sleeping Coat. The design concept by Lin Tsui-Wei not only keeps you dry and warm during the day – it inflates to provide a comfortable sleeping bag for when it’s time for bed.

You probably wouldn’t win any fashion awards in this sleeping coat – but who’s going to see you in the middle of the woods anyway? Besides, this design is all about comfort and function - not looks. Not only does it protect you from harsh winds, it is also waterproof and lightweight enough to wear during the day if required. There are also multiple pockets to store and protect all your personal items.

If you've camped in a particularly rocky spot, you can detach the lower part of the coat to make a mini-mattress - just the right size for sitting on during the evening meal. When it’s time for bed, the coat can be inflated to make a warm, snug and comfortable sleeping bag.

If the weather looks unpredictable, you can attach the bottom half of the jacket to protect your legs from wind and rain. Plus, the convenience of a dual purpose piece of equipment, makes it perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to spare.

The Sleeping Coat was an entrant in the 2009 Red Dot Awards and won a Design Concept Red Dot Award in the Protection category.

Great idea - we'd love to see it in production.

Via LikeCool.


i\'m wondering if it could replace the canoe or kayak since this is inflatable it surely floats. now that is taking going for a hike to new possibilities.


Also, if it could be provisioned with CO2 canisters for self-inflation, it might also afford the \"average joe\" fisherman or ice fisherman some extended level of safety if they end up in the drink while fishing in inland waterways in the cold of winter. Not saying it\'s up to survival suit standards but might make the difference between life and death? Extrapolating on what \"nostarme\" said, if the hiker were lost, being able to cross a body of water to maintain a heading or go downstream to civilization might be helpful. (Now, if it was just tough enough to deter a grizzly, he might give up instead of trying to eat the pufferfish?) ;>)

Will, the tink

If and when this goes into production it will be the wardrobe of choice for the homeless.


TheSaleem, you are being nasty. Isn\'t it just a GREAT outdoor idea??


I wasn\'t being totally facetious. It\'s really going to be a boon to the thousands of homeless men who live and sleep in the urban outdoors. If it comes in a heavyduty high weight bearing version I\'ll give up my apt.

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