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Infiniti debuts Q30 Concept at IAA


September 11, 2013

Infiniti unveils its Q30 concept (Photo: Gizmag)

Infiniti unveils its Q30 concept (Photo: Gizmag)

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With the unveiling of the Q30 concept, Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan Motors, is clearly seeking to cement its reputation for opulence.

Yet precious little is known about the car, Infiniti itself stopping short of deciding whether this thing is a coupe or hatchback (though judging from the number of crossovers on show in Frankfurt, Infiniti is by no means alone in the mists of ambiguity, though Inifiniti denies it's an out and out crossover either).

The company is apparently hoping that difficulties in categorising the vehicle will appeal to "young-minded" generation X and generation Y-ers who Infiniti reckons will make up 80 percent of premium car buyers by the end of the decade. The metallic gold delivery and a promotional drop-in from Formula One champ Sebastien Vettel will doubtless enhance the car's prestige.

The concept is a precursor to a new premium compact car that Infiniti is to begin producing in its Sunderland, UK plant in 2015. We're still none the wiser, but at least we have more of an idea of what this thing looks like now.

Infiniti also announced that the Q50 sports sedan will go on sale in Europe in the middle of November.

Source: Infiniti

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