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Impecca unveil Wi-Fi digital photo frame


January 13, 2008

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January 14, 2008 In yet more news from CES 2008, Impecca has introduced a new Wi-Fi LCD digital picture frame that allows users to enjoy unlimited pictures, movies, music and more via the Internet – all without a computer. Impecca’s 10.4” Wi-Fi frame delivers an 800x600 resolution picture and can be controlled via remote control to play slideshows of pictures and videos set to music.

The frame can download content in JPEG, AVI, DIVX, MPEG–1, 2, 4, and MP3/WMA formats either through direct USB connection to one or more computers or wirelessly thanks to the internal 802.11b/g (WEP,WPA) capability built in. The Wi-Fi frame has an internal memory of 32MB and is expandable to 2GB thanks to support for compatible memory cards featuring CF/SD/Memory Stick/XD and weighs only 2.2kg.

The frame comes with a 100-240V AC (input; 12v 1.5A DC output) power adapter and a 26 key remote control and Impecca also has additional LCD Wi-Fi frames in 3.5”, 8.4” and 15” sizes.

Impecca's 10.4” Wi-Fi LCD digital picture frames carry an MSRP of USD$349 and will be available in the US in late January.

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