I’m Watch Android-based smartwatch in development


July 11, 2011

I'm Watch is a smartphone-compatible wristwatch, designed to work with iOS- and Android-based cell phones (Image: Blue Sky s.r.l.)

I'm Watch is a smartphone-compatible wristwatch, designed to work with iOS- and Android-based cell phones (Image: Blue Sky s.r.l.)

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First unveiled online a few months ago, I'm Watch is a smartphone-compatible wristwatch, designed to work with Android-based cell phones - although it's reportedly also compatible with iOS devices. It is being developed by an Italian producer, and is currently available for pre-order. Initially the price tag was very high, but it is now being offered in a cheaper, colored version called I'm Color. The watch is scheduled to be released this October.

The I'm Watch website showcases two versions of the product. I'm Jewel is a luxury version, designed with precious materials (titanium, gold) and jewels (diamonds), with prices ranging from EUR599 to EUR11,999 (US$840 - $16,833). The I'm Color collection is priced at EUR249 (US$349), however, you'd need to pay 20 percent of the price in advance to have your order secured. The current offer will last until July 18, according to the website.

The company behind I'm Watch is Milan-based Blue Sky s.r.l. Some of the features of the device include the following:

  • iPhone 4 and Android smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth
  • It will allow users to make calls and receive calls, text messages, and e-mails
  • Users will be able to use its speakerphone for hands-free phone calls
  • Via its touchscreen, users will be able to view Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare notifications, as well as a photo gallery
  • Exclusive apps will be available for download via the "I'm Store" and music via "I'music"
  • Specs include: 1.54'' 240x240 pixel color TFT display, 4GB of built-in storage, 64MB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR support, Li-Po 600 mAh battery

The I'm Watch seems to still be some distance from completion, and its description is rather brief at the moment. Shipping is nonetheless set to begin October 31.


Now all I need is a flying bucket and you can call me Dick Tracy (sorry kiddies... I know you don\'t get that).

Bob Tackett

seems they were more than a little \'inspired\' by the iPod nano watches.

it\'s a nice idea, but at the moment it seems like a glorified bluetooth headset - you still need to carry your phone everywhere for it to work.

to be a real \'Dick Tracy\' watch, this needs to have Siri-style input, so you can send email and text as well as receive.


Except that the iPod nano watches are not anything but a strap for an iPod nano.

It looks as though it doesn't include an app for google voice commands yet, but when it does (and I can't think of any reason that it wouldn't) it will be preferable to Siri.

James Woodhouse

The Sony Smartwatch is better than this at only 150$.

The Reekly

I'd much rather see a quality Android powered old-school style alarm clock that displays the time, weather, traffic, news, plays music/video etc.. Something that's always by my bedside, purpose built to get me going in the morning, rather than just a dock for my phone.


Sounds cool but first... I'd much rather see I'm Watch develop the futuristic technology of being able to ship watch orders faster than 4 months from purchase and/or answer their customer support email... those ideas are apparently just speculative fiction for them though...

George Baily
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