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iLuv Selfy smartphone case has a detachable camera remote


June 26, 2014

The iLuv Selfy being demonstrated at CE Week

The iLuv Selfy being demonstrated at CE Week

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Although some people really like taking selfies, the shots are usually limited by the length of the shooter’s arm. Devices like the HISY Bluetooth camera phone remote are one alternative, although users might not have them handy when a photo op presents itself. iLuv has addressed that problem with its Selfy – a smartphone case with a detachable Bluetooth camera remote.

The idea behind the Selfy is that users can pull the remote out of the case, turn it on, prop the phone up against something, then go pose in front of it and use the remote to snap their picture. When they’re done, the remote just slides back into the case and stays there until next time.

iLuv also offers accessories that allow the Selfy-clad phone to be used more like an actioncam, however, with the user being able to remotely start and stop recording video or take photos.

These accessories include helmet mounts, a mini tripod, a handlebar mount, a suction cup-equipped windshield mount, and a connector for GoPro mounts. All of them attach to the case via the slot that the remote sits in when not in use.

The Selfy case is currently available in versions designed to fit the iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S5, both of which are priced at US$49.99. There are also models for the iPad Air and iPad mini, for $79.99 and $69.99, respectively. The mounts range in price from $9.99 to $19.99.

Source: iLuv

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Enough already! Stop giving these idiots reasons to take more selfies. "Look, I can take them from further away with this new widget!"

The Skud

I think that is cool. It seems like something Q would make for 007.


It would be really cool if one could see the and compose the photo on the phone screen itself. I have come across typical situation many times when one would like to take a group photo that would leave out the photographer himself. Remotely framing / composing the photo on the phone screen and shooting would be really useful.

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