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IKEA UPPLEVA offers all-in-one solution for home entertainment


April 24, 2012

IKEA UPPLEVA all-in-one unit in white

IKEA UPPLEVA all-in-one unit in white

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IKEA is moving into "hybrid furniture" with its new all-in-one UPPLEVA range. Integrating a home entertainment unit with AV equipment from Chinese manufacturer TCL, the UPPLEVA comes with a full-HD, smart LED TV, a combined Blu-ray, DVD, and CD player, and a 2.1 sound system featuring a wireless subwoofer - all operated by a single remote control.

The idea behind the UPPLEVA (the Swedish word for experience) is to rid a home of all the wires that are an inevitable part of owning multiple devices. How much of a problem you view this as will likely determine your level of interest - as will the price of 6,500 Swedish kronor (around US$955).

As the video below shows, the customer chooses the size of TV that's right for them (between 24- and 46-inches) and the frame that suits their style. They then choose the piece of furniture that they want to have in their house, subject to self-assembly, naturally. The customization options available (as seen from 1:50 onwards) are impressive, with sizes, units, and colors to suit the majority of mainstream tastes.

While it's a fairly elegant solution, there is a glaring issue with an all-in-one system such as this: what happens when the technology moves on to something new? The television included at launch isn't 3D-capable, for instance, despite the fact 3D is rapidly becoming a standard feature in all new TV sets (regardless of the level of interest the average consumer has in the feature). IKEA may well offer a solution to this in the future, whereby you can replace individual components ... although this would seem to defeat the purpose of offering such an all-in-one system.

The UPPLEVA range will first be available in IKEA's home country of Sweden, as well as France, Germany, Italy, and Poland, in June 2012. The rest of the world will follow by the middle of 2013.

Source: IKEA Sverige

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A MUST HAVE! Great idea IKEA! Can't wait to lay my hands (and feet) on one of these!


I don't want my TV so integrated with its furniture that I can't replace or upgrade something.

Jon A.

I can't imagine many folks wanting to spend money on Ikea branded electronics over the trusted name brands, especially considering they are OEMing it from some off brand place anyway. On top of that, the inflexibility of having to use their components makes little sense. Unless you're decorating hotel rooms.

Bob Fately

I had a MickieBenZ Client come in last week telling me to never go to IKEA, their floor plan is designed to get you LOST! he felt like he had to buy his way outta their store.

Bill Bennett

I'm still waiting for the comeback of the shells of TV sets that were stamped metal printed with, as Ikea would now call it, "a woodgrain effect".

Jeffrey Paull
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