iDigiTip puts a point on those big fingers of yours


November 14, 2011

The iDigiTip is a stylus that is worn on the finger or thumb

The iDigiTip is a stylus that is worn on the finger or thumb

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If you've got fat fingers, then you probably find it difficult to peck at the tiny keyboards - virtual or physical - on mobile phones. You could just use a traditional stylus, although doing so kind of takes away from the intuitive "hands-on" aspect of finger typing. Well, that's where the iDigiTip comes in. It's got the fine tip of a stylus, but because you wear it on the end of your finger or thumb, you can still type like the slimmer-fingered folk.

The iDigiTip is simply a one-size-fits-most coiled plastic ring with a foam button on the bottom, that aligns with the pad of the user's finger. Not only does it allow for more precise key- and icon-pecking, but it also reduces finger oil smears on touchscreen devices.

The designers of the product have also suggested that it could also be worn over top of latex gloves in sterile environments such as hospitals, or used by individuals who don't want to directly touch public keypads or touchscreens. People with limited manual dexterity, such as the elderly, might likewise find it useful.

Prospective buyers should be aware that there are already other finger styluses available, such as the STINGER and the TrueTip. The iDigiTip's foam button appears to make it unique, however, as its competitors utilize a hard plastic tip instead. A pack of two iDigiTips can be purchased via the product website, for US$19.95.

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not a lot of people type on there cell phone with there fingers most use there thumbs

Jon Doughty

Jon, you are right. That\'s why iDigiTips are sold two per box. This picture demonstrates a person typing with their index finger, but the iDigiTip can also be comfortably worn on your thumbs. Each box also comes with a lanyard to hang the iDigiTip from for easy access.

Rebecca Mahony

Neither the article nor website state whether this can be used on a capacitive touchscreen, i.e iPad, Android, etc.

Tom Sobieski
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