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Italian Vulcano supercar teased ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show


March 22, 2013

The one-and-only image of the Icona Vulcano revealed to date

The one-and-only image of the Icona Vulcano revealed to date

Set to debut next month at the Shanghai Auto Show comes the slightly misspelled, volcanic-influenced Icona Vulcano. Available thus far in ultra-red, the new Vulcano’s power engineering comes courtesy of Claudio Lombardi, a former Technical Director for all things powertrain at Ferrari.

The man behind several of the world's champion racers promises to empower the Vulcano with a front-engined V12. As is the case with the new McLaren P1 and LaFerrari, it will be combined with electric motors, to subsidize an output of 900 hp. Performance figures are touted as a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph), with an acceleration of 0-200 km/h (120 mph) in under ten seconds.

The only provided aerial image shows the volcanic Vulcano to resemble a hyper-stylized ladies shaver, or mid-engined McLaren. Not sure how they’re planning on fitting a V12 up front when the space behind the cockpit screams mid-engine configuration? The design of the Icona Vulcano is said to be an evolution of the design language first introduced on the Icona Fuselage concept in 2011 by Samuel Chuffart, Icona’s design director.

The Shanghai Auto Show runs from April 21 to 29.

Source: Icona

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Like all these (hybrid?) offerings, this one will probably suffer the same fate ... only bought by the rich few who must have the only one on the block, only to surface from storage in 50 years time at an estate sale - "only driven a few hundred kms" - still, we will see.

The Skud

When you're mega-rich and have twenty cars and a chauffer most of the time for daily travel... these cars (gas or hybrid) don't get driven much by anyone....

Matt Rings
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