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iCache Geode digital wallet for iPhone released


June 4, 2012

The Geode comes with a removable card for debit and credit card purchases, in addition to an e-ink display to emulate loyalty cards

The Geode comes with a removable card for debit and credit card purchases, in addition to an e-ink display to emulate loyalty cards

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iCache Inc has announced the release of the Geode, a secure digital wallet for the iPhone 4 and 4S, which the company states to be the first of its kind, worldwide. Available in several colors and simultaneously acting as a protective case for your iPhone, the Geode is a device which promises to store all your credit, debit and loyalty cards in one secure platform - turning an average trip to the grocery store into something which resembles a scene from a James Bond movie.

While the utility of not being required to carry around all your cards at all times is obvious, the security-conscious may balk at storing such valuable information on one digital device. iCache doesn't appear to be taking any chances, however, as the Geode makes use of biometric fingerprint technology to ensure that only the correct user can access the data - this is done by performing a quick finger swipe.

There is also an optional self-erase fail-safe system built into the Geode, which can be programmed for a specific time frame in case of loss or theft.

The digital wallet system works as follows: existing credit and debit cards are swiped into the Geode via an included card reader, while loyalty cards can be added by taking a photo with the iPhone's own camera. Credit and debit cards are then supplanted by the included GeoCard, which transforms into any desired card with the tap of a button on an included app. Loyalty and membership cards are replaced by a small e-ink screen which sits on the rear of the device.

The Geode is promised to work with all existing point of sale systems, and is available to order now at US$199.

Source: iCache

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This is awesome, as I hate the thick wallet that is slowly ruining my back. One beef/question though does it have a spot for your id cause I need that with me?

Brett Himeda

Interested to know how the card issuer reacts to this as it directly impacts their business visibility and brand: if there is fraudulent activity would they pay-up if you were using iCache? I can see many non-technical issues here....

Brendan Dunphy

It also doesn't work with chip cards that require a pin in association with the chip as per parts of Europe, Australia and NZ.

Cam Macduff

Genius. I thought of something like this years ago, only I called it "Multipass" (from "The 5th Element"). One would think they could encode the stored information based on the fingerprint making it very difficult to crack even if the phone was stolen.

Thomas Roberts

Thanks for the article on Geode! We are excited to bring this disruptive innovation to users. We know that there are questions everyone has about the device and we are happy to help clarify those. A number of those questions can be answered by viewing our support page with pdfs of the user manual and quick start guide. http://www.icache.com/support/ As for the the chip and pin we took a large portion from our kickstater campaign funding and we are using it to work through the chip and pin issue. We have had no issues with the credit card companies or the merchants. Usually the merchant is fascinated, asks for a demo and then asks where they can get one. Cheers

iCache Geode


I was one of the first kickstarter buyers and have never received my device.... They are just sending movies explaining why they cannot deliver...

Forget to get one they are escrows !

David Toledano
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