Sleep Art turns bedtime into brushstrokes


September 29, 2012

A finished work of Sleep Art: painted by a robot, created by an individual's nocturnal habits

A finished work of Sleep Art: painted by a robot, created by an individual's nocturnal habits

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In a very clever promotion that plays on our desire to be conscious of what's happening to us even when we're not actually conscious, Ibis Hotels is inviting people to take part in what it calls "the Sleep Art experience." Sleep Art, as the name suggests, is an attempt at creating art from sleep patterns.

A total of 40 individuals will be chosen to have one of their night's sleep turned into a work of art, with Sleep Art being carried out in five hotels in three countries over the course of six weeks.

Sleep Art is made possible by some high-end technology. A single mattress has been rigged with a grid of 80 sensors, which between them will measure heat, pressure, and sound. The data collected through the sensors will be sent via Wi-Fi to an art studio in Paris where an algorithm transforms the information into a series of brushstrokes. These brushstrokes will then be applied to a black canvas by a robot arm.

The result will be Sleep Art, essentially a unique representation of an individual's nocturnal activities. And who wouldn't want such a piece of art hanging on their wall?

Unfortunately only limited numbers of people will be chosen to take part in Sleep Art, but anyone can apply by heading to the Ibis Facebook page.

The dates and locations Sleep Art will be taking place are as follows:

  • Bercy, Paris - 13-17 October (Entry closes Oct 7)
  • Porte de Vincennes, Paris - 19-23 October (Entry closes Oct 7)
  • City Potsdamer Platz, Berlin - 1-5 November (Entry closes Oct 25)
  • Mitte, Berlin - 7-11 November (Entry closes Oct 25)
  • Blackfriars, London - 19-23 November (Entry closes Nov 13)
  • The video below shows a test subject creating a work of Sleep Art.

    Source: Ibis Facebook via NOTCOT

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