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i-Ox smartphone grip holds up to multiple orientations


May 27, 2014

i-Ox aims to allow users to comfortably use their phone in landscape with one hand

i-Ox aims to allow users to comfortably use their phone in landscape with one hand

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The design of smartphones, along with the shape of the human hand, makes portrait mode the preferred option in most cases. The i-OX grip is designed to provide a comfortable way to hold a phone while using it in various orientations.

Basically, the i-Ox smartphone holder affixes to the back of the phone and allows the user to slide his or her finger through a ring, giving them a firm grip on the device. This can be used to comfortably hold the phone in landscape mode, while making a call, or for pretty much any other use case where one would want a strong grip. Additionally, the ring can also be used as a stand for the phone, allowing the user to stand the phone upright while watching videos.

Holders and stands for smartphones are nothing new, but what makes this one stand out is the way it promises to adhere to the user's device. The creators promise that it will vacuum seal to the phone, allowing it to attach firmly, but without the need of any adhesives. After all, no one wants to leave a sticky residue on the back of their expensive phone. This method also allows it to be attached and unattached over and over, giving it some extra flexibility.

Another key feature is that the ring folds flat, which means the user can leave it on their device while carrying the phone around in his or her pocket.

GIC Nexus, the company behind i-Ox is seeking funding on Kickstarter. It's still early days for the project's funding period, but it's already about halfway to its US$35,000 goal. Backers interested in receiving a device can make a minimum pledge of $25 while the early special lasts. After that, the price jumps to $30. Shipping is slated for this October, if all goes to plan.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information on the i-Ox smartphone holder and stand.

Sources: GIC Nexus, Kickstarter

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This article says that this device can be used as a stand. Sure in landscape mode where there is no balance problem but of course they never attempted to show it in portrait mode where it will surely be a problem. Also how good is the suction. This will be real handy until you raise it up and the suction fails and your $700.oo phone or other device falls out of your hand because you are not gripping it but depending on the suction and the glass and/or internal parts become recycle material.


This grip looks more than decent.This suction cup is seen to be able to hold the weight clearly. I'm sure you will have to clean the surface to better the suction, and either way it could be good even without. And as said on their kickstarter project if the phone is not a smooth surface they provide an adhesive sticker. It looks very easy to hold and could be used as a stand in landscape mode which is a big plus for me. Because i use my phone on landscape mode too many times and i don't like to have any kind of cases for my phone. I love how it has two different finishes and with different colors for the grips; It's almost like a collectors item. Overall the elegant design is very modern to fit with these 21st century constantly evolving phones. I wanted to get one, so i am already a pledge for this grip. Can't wait to get it.

Elan. M
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