Hyundai to unveil i-oniq concept car in Geneva


March 1, 2012

The new Hyundai i-oniq concept that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

The new Hyundai i-oniq concept that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai's newest concept car, the 4.4 meter-long (14.4 ft) four-seater i-oniq electric sports hatchback, features a 109 PS electric motor and a range-extending 3-cylinder 1.0 liter petrol engine. In electric-only mode, the i-oniq has a range of 120 km (75 miles), but with the petrol engine producing electricity, the range extends beyond 700 km (435 miles). In range-extender mode, the i-oniq is an emissions champion, producing a paltry 45 g/km of CO2.

The Hyundai i-oniq concept car will be unveiled during Hyundai's press conference at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show on March 6.

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A good looking EV, with a self generating power source with a range of 435 miles, and a CO2 of only 45g/km!

Jeez, TESLA has some serious competition for once. If this goes commercial with a reasonable price ... EV'S HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!

Harpal Sahota

In due time, Hyundai would possibly replace the ICE by a fuel cell, at 50% efficiency, it would reduce emissions even further, maybe zero if Hydrogen is used. Alternatively, as battery technology evolves and price drops, additional batteries would make the engine a thing of the past.


Sounds great, just make me a minivan like that. Also make it CNG/gasoline switchable.

Ron Wagner

The new Hyundai "Volt"... it's what I'd buy. Commute Mon-Fri on pure EV, and then a bit of gas to get to the mountains on the weekend. :)

Matt Rings
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