Hyperion: the lamp you'd fend off with a stick


May 8, 2013

The Hyperion lamp (Photo: Paul Heijnen)

The Hyperion lamp (Photo: Paul Heijnen)

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There aren't enough stop motion animation films starring light fittings, in my opinion. Until today, I only knew of one: Luxo Jr, by Pixar. Hyperion is the second, and it stars the eponymous insectoid light fitting, designed by Paul Heijnen.

Conceived as a celebration of mechanical forms, Hyperion is a three-legged wooden mash-up of the barn door light fixtures one associates with theater lighting, and the humble anglepoised lamp. The outcome resembles something you'd fend off with a broomstick (in the best possible sense), though functionally it's really just a spotlight which can be arranged to point in different directions.

The short film (almost a trailer, really) was made by Niels Hoebers. You can watch it below.

Source: Paul Heijnen via Dezeen

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I was first reminded of one of Steven Spielberg's walking tanks the ATATs closing in on the rebels.

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