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If Jesse James drove a Hummer...


October 16, 2008

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October 17, 2008 We've seen it supercharged and even converted to remote control, but we've never seen a HUMMER H3 like this. Officially it's called art, but the phrases 'automotive travesty' and 'left-field promotional opportunity' also spring to mind in regard to British artist Matthew Harrison's latest project - a H3 with the standard 16-inch alloys dropped in favor of ‘Wild West’ wooden wagon wheels.

The head-turning installation will be parked opposite the Royal Academy of Arts in London as part of the Zoo Art Fair 2008 which runs from 17-20 October. The strange thing is - it kind of suits.

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Noel McKeegan After a misspent youth at law school, Noel began to dabble in tech research, writing and things with wheels that go fast. This bus dropped him at the door of a freshly sprouted Gizmag.com in 2002. He has been Gizmag's Editor-in-Chief since 2007. All articles by Noel McKeegan
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Seems like it would've been more fitting on a Wagoneer...

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