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Huddle bulbshades bring the city into your home


August 9, 2013

The Huddle bulbshade, by designer David Graas, resembles a modern cityscape

The Huddle bulbshade, by designer David Graas, resembles a modern cityscape

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Downtown: the lights are much brighter there, and you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares ... but what if downtown – indeed, an entire cityscape – could be brought into your home? That's just what Netherlands-based designer David Graas offers with his Huddle LED bulbshade.

Taking advantage of the flexibility offered by 3D-printing, Huddle has been modeled to resemble a modern cityscape, and features high-rise buildings jutting out at various angles and lengths.

In the promo blurb for the unit, Graas observes a similarity between Antarctic penguins huddling together to survive extreme cold, and the propensity of modern humans to also come together in large cities. Whatever its artistic inspiration, the design is certainly unusual, and also offers the additional benefit of not requiring a separate shade.

The 5-watt pendant Huddle LED bulbshade will set you back €185 (around US$245), while a more expensive floor lamp version with dimmable LED bulb fetches €275 ($366).

Source: David Graas via PSFK

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Okay, I'll say it....that pendant Huddle bulbshade reminds me of my toilet brush so I wouldn't want to see one hanging anywhere in my home.

Although it might be a perfect solution for some, I could not afford the price tag.

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